Treat Yourself Thursday!

8 Nov

I am currently watching Parks and Recreation while typing this so it is a bit surreal. 😉 If you are confused please see my first Treat Yourself Post.  However if you have never read the explanation and know why this is funny I love you and we are best friends now!!!

So how do you treat yourself with a cold….three ways that semi make you feel better!!


Eating anything solid feels like razors, so a Strawberry milkshake it was! Freezing a sore throat was step number one to feeling like I was treating myself.

Step 2 was this…

Kleenex cooling and anti-viral tissues! SO much better than paper towels. Also tylenol cold mulit-symptom!

Step 3 and possibly the most important.

My grandmothers homemade beef stew at the re-scheduled due to the snow storm family dinner!

Even though I was sick they were still great treats and those tissues made my day!!!

Have a wonderful night everyone, I took the night off from running because yesterday made my cold worse, but was worth it for the new shoe test!


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