Fun Event Friday, and a busy SaturDAY

11 Nov


I worked then went and set up my booth for a fair on Saturday. After that Dan and I went to Plaza Azteca for dinner. That place is so good!!!

 I got chicken chimichanga’s and ate about 3/4 of one plus half the rice. I was full…this cold is messing with my appetite. That is okay with me because it is also messing with my workout routine and I can feel the chub sneaking back on!!!

Dan was so excited to share what he got with everyone as well!

He has one beef and one chicken quesadilla with rice and pico. Their pico was so spicy there was fresh Jalapenos and man did they kick up the spice!!!

After that we had errands to run at Home Depot, no pictures from there as my cold was wearing me down and I swear I was going to have to stop for a nap in the store.


6 am wake up to pack up the rest of my things for the fair then set up with my friend Ashley (who was working the event with me).

My two Scentsy Displays! I was so excited for this fair as it was in my new hometown and I was able to get A LOT Of great contacts!!

Ashley did Grace Adele and was a bit low on stock so I let her borrow mine :).

Ashley’s set up with a bit of our stock’s

Finally I did buy one thing at the fair. A present for Dan, modeled by myself for your viewing pleasure!

I think beard + Dress+ makeup + beard hat covering up sick cold face = GOOD LOOKING Man/Lady! I could do shows at the circus :).

Well I am off to bed now as my eyes are starting to close for the night (darn cold). I think illnesses should recognize when it is the best night of tv and give you a break for around 3 hours so you can watch your shows! Especially when 3 are on at the same time!!!

Sunday night shows we love:

Once Upon A Time (just me)

Dexter (dan and I)

Walking dead (same)

Revenge (same)

See what I mean now I will fall asleep and Dan WILL watch them without me. Oh well that is the price one pays when trying to feel better. Enjoy the last couple hours of your weekend everyone!!!


2 Responses to “Fun Event Friday, and a busy SaturDAY”

  1. Kelly Tenney November 13, 2012 at 11:02 am #

    Love your setups! Way to rock some Scentsy and Grace Adele!

    • Alex K November 19, 2012 at 10:32 pm #

      Thanks Kelly! Glad to meet another Scentsy/Grace Rep!!!

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