New meal Monday!

13 Nov

All my posts are a day off this week I guess! I let yesterday get away with me with work and then going to Mom’s to help her with a few things. Anyway last nights dinner was a mom specialty!!! I wanted somethingdelicious but quick and i wanted grainy carbs since I am trying to detox off that and sugar.

So I had made the decision earlier in the day to make stroganoff. Well the way I make it…

First step brown your steak, I used Big Y precut for noodles steak. When almost done add diced carrots (this was a new addition last night it worked out well though!)

The water was in the steak, I didnt add anything, but it all absorbed into the carrots!

Step two:

Get your ingredients together for the final part.

Cook noodles is separate pan, then drain and combine with meat and carrot mixture.

Cover with Gravy and serve!

Best enjoyed while watching rules of engagement on the Ipad in your kitchen 😉

I will post training Tuesday and Wacky fact wednesday both tomorrow. Again I apologize for the delay but things got hectic, but I am back on it!!!


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