15 Nov

So yea I missed Tuesday and Wednesdays post. I will therefore combine, Training Tuesday, Wacky Fact Wednesday and Treat Yourself Thursday now…


Tuesdays workout was a training session with Jeff, I was feeling good about it all especially when I am still having coughing fits like crazy! I wore these shoes (which I still love) and these socks which I bought on sale and also love!! I own them in pink and the brown color you can see in the link. The brown are the ones I wore! They are easily the best compression socks I have ever bought/worn. I wore them because my legs have been sore and tight lately!


1.) So my trying to detox off of grainy carbs fell off when I went to Grandma’s for family dinner and this was there…

Special thanks to my brother Harry for posing the serving spoon for me. He may have rolled his eyes and Dan may have said welcome to my world of posing for pictures but HE STILL DID IT! He loves me I know!

2.) Here are some of the foods I have been eating to detox off carbs, processed foods and un-natural/refined sugars…

Unsweetened Almond Milk, Raspberries, and sunflower seeds. A yummy cereal of sorts.

Salad with Balsamic and Olive oil dressing (I made) Chicken, broccoli, carrots and salad greens. So fresh and delicious!!!

And a snack/breakfast if I am to lazy or tired to cook..

I guess I will call this PB&J on a log, I dont like raisins so raspberries it was! PS Almond butter is pretty amazing!!!!

3.) I am pretty sure the dog spends 90% of his day like this and I have to say I am a bit jealous. How comfy does he look?


Here is what I treated myself to today.

Passion Fruit tea with some local honey infused with grand marnier. It was so delicious and worth every sip! Mom is the president of her Rotarty Club and they did a fundraiser with that and local Jam. So Dan and I got some! I have yet to try the jams and may not for a while. But this honey was great, and a really nice and NATURAL sweetener treat!


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