New Meal Monday… with a NEW ingredient!

19 Nov

TODAYS WORKOUT: 1 hour training session with Jeff 6am-7am

Tonight I wanted something quick for dinner, but wanted to cook also. It was a conundrum that could have been easily solved by ordering out. It was also my chance to cook up my spaghetti squash for the first time!

I roasted in in the oven with olive oil and salt and pepper it was so good!

It turned out really good!!! I was excited as I have always been intimidated by making it. Dan tried to cut it in half for me and hacked it to heck…thus the not so pretty squash. But just because it isnt pretty doesnt mean it doesnt taste good!

Dan had regular pasta. Though I honestly feel like he would not have known if he didnt help me with it. He would think it was one of my “weird” pastas like whole wheat!

The sauce was hamburger and onions cooked in a bit of olive oil and Dan seasoned it. He added Cinnamon which was weird but good! Then I added some jarred sauce as I planned on making my own, but only had tomato sauce and no crushed/diced tomatoes

:(. Heart Healthy Prego is still good though!

After dinner Dan played a game with Finny to get the pasta Dan was holding above him.

Wow Finny looks like a vicious blur! To see more of Finny and Dan and hear me baby talk to my dog, visit my facebook fan page for food run fun. The link should be on the right sidebar!!!!

Have a great Monday,


we had the spaghetti because I know we will be eating Turkey for days after Thanksgiving so I wanted something good and very different!


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