Mitten Run 5k!

2 Dec

So this is it! The end of my 2012 (and very first) racing season! It started much like it began, running in cold weather in underarmor, this time through the streets of West Hartford and not Hartford. It ended much differently than my first race as well.

The Race:

They said get there early and we did around 9:30 am the race had a 10:30 am start. We headed over to the pre-registration line which was giant and easily over an hour wait! The girls in front of us noticed a second line starting and we followed them! We got my bib and t-shirt in around 5 minutes awesome, since it was so cold!!!! The problem was they wanted everyone to line up in one line then had a lady telling everyone which line was open. This just made everything slower, as much smaller  and larger races of theirs I have done had multiple lines and a dedicated person checking you in. If they had done that it would have gone a lot smoother/quicker.

I wanted to wear my underarmor so I did but I also wore shorts and a t-shirt over them a I refuse to wear running tights without pants over them, a bit too showy for my taste plus I don’t have the figure for that! So I did I also wore a knitted headband with a giant flower…because I am cool like that!

I wore my team Karnolt Shirt as it is green (hello Christmas themed race) and the same accent color as my shoes.


This morning I also made the key decision to wear my tights like I wear my leggings and pull them over my heel into my sneaker…no ridding up= More Warmth!!!


Why yes this was my Mizuno’s Christening into racing! It went well with only a bit of foot soreness when I finished but I will elaborate on that in a moment


I loved the snowmen starting line! So CUTE!!


I sneakily took this picture and was very envious of these peoples outfits! Bet they were super warm the entire race!

As you can see by the snowmen starting line picture it was soon 10:20 and due to the long lines the race was delayed by 15 minutes, so it began at 10:45.

Is this picture me being annoyed with the late start time orrrrr super tired due to our work Christmas Party being last night? You decide!


Honestly I think it was because I was so tired and so cold. I do have to thank Dan immensely for attending the race to watch me and be the best photographer!!!

So the race started late I heard the gun go off and cued up my favorite running CD. This might be weird but it is Christina Aguilera’s new cd Lotus and is AMAZING the faster songs are all self impowering and thus made me feel like a super star runner. Also the reason I finished the first mile in 9 minutes. Army of me (a song) is an absolute miracle worker for your confidence in yourself.

If you are a reader of the blog you know that is FAST for me. I was really winded and took a walk break knowing I had made a rookie mistake! But I compsed myself after a 1:30 break and decided I was going to use this race for what I set out for it to be. A speed building interval run.

Running 3:1 intervals- 3 minutes full out sprinting and then 1 minute to recovery walk worked wonders! I was running pretty quickly and able to burn up any and all time lost when walking. The best part of the whole race was we were almost at the third mile and I was finishing up a walk break. I had pushed myself hard through the cold and knew I was breathing hard. A girl ran by me and said your doing great you got this. It was just what I needed going back into my run to end the race. It is also the reason I really love racing. I am not fast and I will never win BUT people are so encouraging and everyone is glad to see and meet other runners!!!

The course was hilly and luckily the end of the race was a downhill followed by a turn to the finish. On the downhill my lungs were on fire and I wanted to stop, I had completely tunned out the music that was blaring from my headphones and was now in an all out sprint to the finish. One other guy was doing the same, I beat him and I high fived Santa!!! It all felt good, followed immedietly by the feeling of I might vomit but I didnt it was great!!! Dan was there right in front at the finish to get pictures and I love him so much for that as he is not a fan of crowds and with 2500 people at the race there was CROWDS!

Here are a few pictures and my final thoughts:


Almost done!

IMG_2926Going to high five santa, even though I look super intense I was so excited and thought I was really cool!


AND DONE!!! Honestly I was so excited to be finished as you can probably tell from the highness of my sneakers off the ground. Clearly proper form is right up there on my list of priorities!


My first race a 5k my goal was to beat 45:00 and I did coming in at 36:26 I honestly would not have done as well if Dan wasnt there to push me I was ready to give up and thought you suck, you shouldn’t run. Looking ahead to now. My offical time today was somewhere around 35:28 as Dan had taken a clock picture as well, but my garmin time (started as I crossed the start line) was 35:00. Maybe its not a huge imporvement over that February race but it is something. I had little hope for this race as I had been running whenever I had time and my workouts were not to my approval most of the time. BUT 35:00 is only .24 slower than my PR at that distance! 24 SECONDS IS nothing so I know I am making progress!!!

2012 Race Season also held my first Half Marathon! It made me realize I am a much better runner than I thought and have the power to do whatever I set my mind to. It also made me fall in love with distance running. Running long distances is easier FOR ME than full out sprinting for 3.1 miles!

Who knows what 2013 will hold!?!


Thank you for all of your support this race season and for reading my blog and being interested in my journey to become more fit and a better runner!!!!

PS- the race collected hats and mittens for the community so I donated some as well!!!


2 Responses to “Mitten Run 5k!”

  1. Kimberly December 3, 2012 at 5:48 pm #

    CONGRATULATIONS! WELL DONE! HIP HIP HORRAY! Love the hat and you off the ground.

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