Recovery Miles and the 3rd Day….

4 Dec


After the race Sunday I wanted to run but was tired and a bit sore. I knew I had to run though. So it was a 5 minute warm up .33 miles then a 25 minute run of 2.31 miles a 15:15 pace and a 10:49 pace respectively. I was happy with that for being sore nice recovery run.

Heres what my run looked like.


Here is me on the treadmill showing off one of my new Bic Band Headbands I bought when they were having a Hurricane Sandy Benefit. I love it, it does slide a tiny bit but nothing like the other headbands I have tried. If you are like me and have apparently a weird head or weird hair these are great. AND YES I WAS EXHAUSTED ALL DAY TODAY! SO before anyone makes a comment about my appearance I cant look pretty at all times!


Warm up and some Dr. Who as usual!!!


On the 3rd Day of Christmas My Daniel gave to me:


The ability to watch my boys the NYG on TV. At this point it is 9:30pm (I write posts that show up early before bed) so if they lost oh well and if they won HECK YES!!!!!

If you know us in person you know I usually watch the games online on my computer or IPad while we hang out and watch TV because Dan HATES football and I love it. So when he said he would be playing video games I knew I was all set until the end of the game at least! It was truly a gift no matter the outcome of the game to watch it live and in real time rather than a bar increasing or decreasing with each play.

HE LOVES ME, even if he hates sports!!!


2 Responses to “Recovery Miles and the 3rd Day….”

  1. Katie Kolpinski December 4, 2012 at 3:13 pm #

    Hating football is just un-american!! Shame on you Daniel 🙂 And p.s. i downloaded that christina song you mentioned the other day and i love it!!

    • Alex K December 4, 2012 at 3:18 pm #

      Yes!!!! The whole album is AMAZING!!!! If you like country Just a fool featuring Blake Shelton is another good one…not so much for running but for jamming out to in the car!

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