A Different Kind Of Birthday Post…

5 Dec

(I pre-typed this post as well, you will know why when you read it so my workout from today will post tomorrow)

If you are a new reader you DON’T know that back when it was Dan’s, My Grandma and Harry’s (brother) birthdays I did special posts for them that celebrated their days. Well I did. But today is a different story. It is still someone’s birthday but someone who my family misses very much and is not here to celebrate the day with us.

My Grandfather, who I am named after passed away 12 years ago in December right after his birthday and the night of his birthday party. It was a very trying event as you would imagine, but harder on Harry and I as we were 15 and 13 respectively. It was also the first person who had died that we were really close to. Which is tough to handle as a kid.

He was the best guy, funny and silly, and ruthless with sports (probably why Harry and I love them and are so competitve). He would do inspections of our rooms after we cleaned them and made sure our beds were made correctly. (He lived next door and was one of our best friends, the other being Grandma of course). He also taught us how to count to ten and swear in Russian which I still think is cool to this day!

So today I celebrate my Grandfather in the best way possible!

Eating family dinner at Grandma’s with my Aunts, Harry, Mom, Dad, Dan and Finny!

Which is why this is a pre-post and not one written today. I would rather spend my time with family than worrying about negative splits, treadmills, logging everything I eat, etc. Thursday  I will and I am sure while I am on the treadmill today I will as well. But when I am with our family tonight we will be happy and laughing and thinking about this handsome guy…

Grandpa and Grandma on their wedding day!



We love and miss you Grandpa and will never forget you!





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