The 4th Day of Christmas

5 Dec

Today’s Workout: As of the time this posts I will be running outside if not too dark or in the basement owning the treadmill!!

Last night before bed I really wanted hot chocolate. We do not have any hot chocolate, we do have nutella. So before bed I took one spoonful of nutella and placed it in the bottom of the mug, then let the KREUIG water run over it. Stir with a spoon an viola. THE BEST HOT CHOCOLATE YOU WILL HAVE! You could add milk I did not because I dont like it in hot chocolate.

This is what Dan gave me for the 4th day of Christmas….

Oh wait first I should say Mom got me this gorgeous ring from a man she is in the Rotary with.


Its a nice globe ring with flowers and Swarovski crystals GORGEOUS!

When I showed Dan this is what happened. Dan said the ring looked like a helmet and procceded to place it on his finger like a helmet and then got creative. Leading to my 4th and daily gift within our Marriage, the gift of LAUGHTER!


It looks like a blinged out Toad from Super Mario Brothers! Made my whole work day better and more fun instantly.

Right now it is 10:49pm and Dan and I are watching Son’s of Anarchy’s finale.

Are there any other good shows we should get into via netflix or cable? We are always looking for a good series to start up when we finish one.

Please leave suggestions in the comments below!!!


2 Responses to “The 4th Day of Christmas”

  1. jlynnez December 5, 2012 at 9:16 am #

    Homeland!! (if you haven’t already gotten into it) It’s on Showtime but we watch it On Demand since we don’t have Showtime. It might also be on Netflix – not sure. Definitely a GREAT show!

    • Alex K December 5, 2012 at 4:15 pm #

      Oh yes! I have been meaning to watch that one thanks Jenna.

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