Busy Busy…..

8 Dec

Today was my first day off since I dont really remember when. I have been BUSY lately and let the blog go a bit. I also have not been running! You see Wednesday afternoon I got a BIG Scentsy ordered delivered to my house, and was running to get the last box. I tripped over a paver that lines the side of our sidewalk and sticks up and when I landed crumpled down right on top of my ankle so I have been resting it. Not to mention my back has been pretty sore also. But we can discuss that more in a bit. For now I will take the time to update my Days of Christmas list!

Day 5 is where we left off and if you saw my post for December 5th about my Grandfather, you know Dan gave me love, support and a shoulder to cry on. It ended up being a great night with Family. Here is what Grandma made, and even a picture of her as well.

IMG_2961 IMG_2962

Yum, what a great job!!!

Something else you should know about my family…THEY LOVE CHRISTMAS TIME!  I was so excited to go to my Grandmas for dinner to see the lights!

Here is Grandma’s house:


And this is my Cousins house, he goes crazy every year…


Sorry its so blurry, but you get the picture!!

December 6th was our ladies night event at work! We had a vendor fair…

Dan’s Gift to me was helping me load and unload my car of all the Scentsy and Grace Adele products. Which was such a help with my very sore back!!!  We had three Scentsy consultants there, one for each brand and it was great to spend time with the girls!!


This is more of a picture of all the vendors but you can still see our items in front 🙂

December 7th: Yesterdays gift to me from Dan, was a really great day!

I had to run errands for work and Friday is his day off, so Dan took me to lunch.



Later in the day when I had gone back to work I wasnt feeling well, (I barely ate my lunch) so Mom let me go home to rest. When I got home Dan was in the garage listening to music, the Darkness “I believe in a thing called love” was on so he danced with me a bit in the garage it was funny and something I did not expect especially since the door was open, and he is not into PDA.

So that was the past couple days, today December 8th we barely saw each other.  I was at a fair by the time Dan was out of work, and by the time I was home he was at a concert. Today’s gift he gave me actually has nothing to do with me. When Dan is happy I am happy, and I KNOW he is happy!

At the concert he got to meet his favorite band Memphis Mayfire!


These days of Christmas have been great so far and I am looking forward to what each new one brings, it really helps me to notice and find joy in the little things we do together and small things that can change my whole day!!!

What have you been doing to prepare for the Holidays?

Have you been noticing the nice things other people have been doing for you?


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