Wacky Fact Wednesday!

13 Dec

Clearly I meant to post this last night after work but I was too excited to get to Grandma’s for family dinner!!

As of this morning Dan and I both officially have colds. Mine has just begun, but his has been going on for three days. I hope I can just sweat it out after this when I hit the treadmill!

So here we go!

1.) IMG_2973

Sunday Finny got a bath! I think it was his first one in the new house, as usually the groomer takes care of that, but he hated it just as much as he usually does. A picture of him very upset will be in the next post.

2.) I mentioned last post I have been having dry skin issues, and now I am also having issues with my nails they are snapping like crazy! I was so happy too as I usually bite them all off but had actually let them grow! Anyone have tips for stronger nails?

3.) Sunday Night Dan and I went shopping for some more Christmas gifts and had dinner at Boston Market. Dan loves it I am always indifferent, except when it comes to their cornbread and mac & cheese.


I could have taken or left the beef brisket as it was cold by the time they brought it to the table and for some reason when I asked for gravy she put chicken gravy on it and not beef, that was an interesting taste.

4.) Yesterday I spent most of the day with my Brother Harry.

IMG_1694 IMG_1695

In case you could not tell these are pictures from our wedding, and also Dan and Harry get along very well.

Anyway Harry and I had to go shopping yesterday. Our business had left over money we raised, (by asking customers for Donations when we give them free food). So off to the store we went this time to buy less fortunate families from Massachusetts Christmas Presents!

We had 20 people to buy for, 18 kids and two moms. We spent $50.00 on each person and were able to use up the rest of the money we earned! Here is a picture of the toys we got them. (The older kids and moms asked for gift cards, those are not in the photo.)


Harry and I had way too much fun shopping for toys! When we got back to work he told me one of us better have a child soon, then rephrased it to Alex better have a child soon, so I can buy it way too many toys!

At least I know he will be excited to be an uncle when the time comes ha ha.

So those are all the random happenings of this past week! It was a lot of fun (except my nail issue, and not for Finny) but we made it through! With only a week and a few days until Christmas I am hoping this time will fly by!!!


One Response to “Wacky Fact Wednesday!”

  1. Kim December 13, 2012 at 8:58 pm #

    Finny loves when I give him a bath… Put clear nail polish for strong nails on every day.

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