Ramblings, because I can finally post!

22 Dec

You may have noticed I took a lot of days of from posting. I would like to thank my computer for that! This thing is old and crappy but I don’t want to buy a new Mac Book. I do realize that much like my Iphone the updates probably only slow the old ones down so you have to buy a new one. Or at least something is up with this thing. I have had the pleasure of going to post for two days and the wait icon spins and spins and nothing…..oh well its working now RANT OVER!

So what has been going on in my life lets see…

Last Sunday we had Levesque Christmas with my Memere and Papa John (my step grandfather). Why yes there are 3 pictures of her cat and a picture of the food we ate! THe first is Memere and Dad and Pugsly. I think Dad loves to mess with cats and this cat while cute HATES everyone, except Memere. (And sometimes Papa John)

IMG_3031 IMG_3033 IMG_3039 IMG_3035

The food was delicious! My favorites were the mini tacos and the egg and corned beef hash casserole bottom….DELICIOUS!!

Wednesday we went to Mom and Dad’s to help them set up for Christmas Eve, we have a very large family which means over 100 people come to my parents house on Christmas Eve. (It switches off between family members who will host it.)

We did not go t Wednesday dinner at Grandma Krechko’s because she and my Aunts were finishing Christmas Shopping!

Anyway this is how Mom decorates her house….yes she is Martha Stewart.

IMG_3050 IMG_3051 IMG_3052

The first picture is of the Christmas tree above her Garage. Then we have a close up of her mantle and then a panoramic of it.

Moments after we arrived, My Dad threw out his back, but he does have a machine that helps his muscles so then he was doing great and leaving projects around in areas Mom had just cleaned…she was thrilled!

IMG_3056 IMG_3059

Also my bff frm high school was there too being a princess and demanding treats! Zoe is to cute not to give them to though, she is also pretty old so she should get whatever she wants anyway!

Then it was Thursday. I treated myself to an Iced Tea from Starbucks, which the lady in front of me had paid for. No one was behind me to return the favor to, but it was nice to see people are happy and in a holiday mood!

I also got a haircut….


I probably should have put on makeup but that seemed like a lot of effort just to show you my hair!!!

So that is what you missed in my super awesome life, there was treadmill workouts in there and a Jeff Workout yesterday morning but Friday is for another post!

Until next time friends!


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