Sick Person Iphone Cleanse!

3 Jan

I am still very sick with this cold I have. Tomorrow I have an appointment with my OB who will tell me safe medications to take aside from the ones on the list he gave me which are not doing a whole lot. So in the sense that I do not want to look at this computer screen longer than I have to, but have some things to share here is a photo dump from my I phone.


This is my best friend since 11th grade Zoe! Who by the way is 11. She is pretty darn cute and yes I put that Happy New Year Hat on her! The day before my parents almost put her down because she was sluggish (not getting up or moving much at all) and not eating. But now she is back to her happy silly self and I am glad. Because on NYE it was 11 years to the day that she came into my life and became my #1 snuggle buddy while I still lived at home!


Because I was sick and wanted a home remedy tea to help fight my sore throat Dan went to the store and got me lemons. He also came home with the best rose ever for a pregnant lady….one made of chocolate!

IMG_3127 IMG_3128

The next two pictures are my remedies. The first picture is the tea which is lemons boiled with cinnamon, water and honey. It is so soothing and nice but again nothing beats medicine!

The second picture is Velveeta because honestly pasta is the only thing not making me want to vomit right now, OJ because its delicious and the tea again!

Its been a great couple of days for me food and drink wise 😉

And finally….


You know you are super cool if you bring a gallon of orange juice and your spiderman cup to work so you can drink a lot of juice at one time and make yourself feel better!

Hope you all have a great night, and tomorrow I will finally finish my Christmas 2012 update!


4 Responses to “Sick Person Iphone Cleanse!”

  1. Nandy January 4, 2013 at 7:54 am #

    chinese medicine uses natural herbs and is better than western medicine hands down. also velvetta has ingredients i cant pronounce so best to shop at whole foods!

    • Alex K January 4, 2013 at 8:11 am #

      I would love to be eating healthy foods right now but cannot stomach them between the cold and the morning sickness. In a few weeks they should both be over and done with and then I can eat veggies again. But I don’t know about whole foods I love it but its expensive

      • Nandy January 4, 2013 at 10:35 am #

        whole foods in my area is expensive for certain foods like mostly premade food. have you been there recently? they are comparable to grocery stores in certain foods like sugar ..tea.cocoa…their 365 organic brand is their generic brand and its gotten better over the years

      • Alex K January 4, 2013 at 10:42 am #

        No I haven’t I had to eat vegan a few years ago and went there due to the many options they had that no one else seemed to a few years ago and it was pretty expensive. I will have to check it out again and probably stock up on lara bars I do love those things!

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