January Date Night….

6 Jan

Last night Dan and I had a date night. I was a bit concerned as I was really craving some veggies but this is how I have had to eat salads lately. And leaving the house to eat meant if I was going to get sick I hoped the bathroom was clean. I will be happy in a few weeks when my first trimester ends!


The left side aka the BEST PART the tasty veggies had to go as the risk of making me sick was high. But I still enjoyed the lettuce and cucumbers.

Last night I was craving a salad from Moe’s but my stomach was a bit queasy. I however was fed up with not being able to eat veggies and healthily and not just carbs. So I got this…


Lettuce, cucumbers, olives, chicken and cheese then I added two cups of salsa. Dan got nachos with pork and beef and was the happiest man alive. I probably made it through half my salad before I was way too full and Dan ate the rest of my chicken. Glad to help him out.

After that we went to a froyo place called Sweet Frog that we had never been to. We usually go to yogurt madness and I have to say it was fine, it tasted the same, they just had more yogurt flavors. The thing that will put them over the top is we are getting one in the town my parents live in, so it will be very close!

After that we headed home, and I figured that was a great night and we would go to bed. Dan however pulled out his January Date night envelope so it was time for the date to continue!


January’s Date was to watch the campaign at home with Dan’s favorite candies. I know the note says OUR favorite candies and there was supposed to be a Hersey’s cookies and cream bar, but I ate that when putting together the basket….I can blame that one on Baby K!

 I had none of the candies as the food from before pushed my tummy to the limit.

The movie was funny and I was glad to have such a nice night together! Especially since a week from today Dan is leaving for a business trip in Texas and I will be one lonely lady! So if anyone wants to come stay with me for four days that would be great :).

I spent all of today sleeping mostly because I think my body has had enough of this cold and is trying to kick it out of here!

Tomorrow if it is gone and I can successfully breathe without super coughing fits I will be glad to finally go on a nice run with my BFF the treadmill! We do have a half to train for. While I was planning to do one in February and one in March I will probably just do the one in February and take it easy and stick to 5k’s for the remainder of the pregnancy. So this half marathon will be given all that I can give…well while monitoring my heart rate and tiredness!


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