Productive Day off…

7 Jan

Today I had the day off and set out some lofty goals to be productive. I wanted to clean the house, grocery shop, and run. Since I was feeling a bit better I thought I could do it all but I couldn’t. I did well and got most of it done, however the run did not happen.

The reason I didn’t run was because I think I over did the cleaning and cooking and running up and down stairs that by 3:30pm I needed a nap. But naps are good and I woke up from it still having a monsterous sore throat.

But here is what I did get done. Grocery Shopped then cooked. Pictures coming below in this post. Then I did laundry and changed our sheets, no more germy sheets! Is there anything better than new clean sheets, if you say no I don’t know what to do with you!

Today is New Meal Monday as usual, but there are a bunch of foods going on today. Here is the cooking from today. I bought a rotisserie chicken today and Dan says I never get all the chicken off so here is the proof that I did it!



I apologize if anyone is a vegetarian and this picture is gross to them but me being me I am so proud of myself. My first step was to peel off the skin. If I was eating it warm I would leave it on but since I made chicken salad with half the chicken and left the other half to put on top of garden salads, they ended up being refrigerated and I do not like when the skin gets that congealed fat in between it and the meat so it had to go.

I think I did a respectable job.

Here is the chicken salad I made….the usual chicken, celery, curry powder, garlic powder, and mayo.


This photo is pre-mayo and it came out great. But in order to be a successful cook one needs a great setup.

My cutting boards are at work and I cannot find what happened to them at the Christmas party so I used a baking sheet and of course needed some entertainment.


Using my slap chop to dice everything into teeny tiny pieces also didn’t hurt.

After all that work, I needed an afternoon snack, so Honey Nut Shredded Wheat Minis and Vanilla Almond Milk it was!


And finally dinner tonight was some pasta…yes there is a theme blander foods are the way to go for me currently and I am more than okay with that!



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