Running and Researching

7 Jan

So today I am going back to running! SO EXCITED!!!! I spent most of yesterday sleeping due to trying to kick this cold out and I am happy to say it is almost gone.

I am a bit nervous though, as my half marathon is 1 month and a few weeks away and my running has decreased due to the sickness and pregnancy. If you read the blog regularly you know I am a big researcher so this was no different. My doctor cleared me to do it, because that of course is the first step in doing anything super physical while pregnant.

The next step for me was to google training plans. I think my longest run before my last half was 8-9 miles and it wasnt so bad. But I also was not 4 months pregnant during that, like i will be for this! Off to google I went, where I found a bunch of other bloggers like me who are not professional runners that have done this. Their levels ranged from people who run many halves to people that it was their second like me.

Many of their plans for race day are like mine:

1.) Ask your doctor: I talked to him about this at our appointment on Friday, he seemed a little weary as I would be further along But I think he also forgot we had talked about this before and I had been running before pregnancy. After I reminded him he was on board and trying to reassure Dan (who DOES NOT want me to do it) that exercise is great for pregnancy and will make everything from the carrying to delivery easier.

2.) Enjoy the race: I will be running through Disney in the Princess Half! There are so many things to see while running and characters along the course. I had already planned on carrying my phone through the race to take pictures of things, but not wait in the lines for character pictures.

3.) Pace it out: Clearly I am not trying for a PR here. My first half was 2:53:08, the problem I had with the first one was the last couple miles my legs started to tense  up. This time I will train properly, especially as I will be laid off in February and have the time to do long runs Sunday if I choose and recover Mondays. The key here is running the distance slowly but still getting it done, and getting my body used to the distance with the extra stress of pregnancy.

4.) Plan everything: Plan and journal it all! How I feel that day, how the run went, what I ate and if I am hydrated. Having a log of this for each run and comparing to what I do before race day will be a great help to my success here!

5.) Let everyone know: by this point I will have a bit of a bump and it should be obvious but just in case it isn’t I am looking into getting one of these for race day.

run for 2

Probably the pink one as it is the Princess Race!

6.) Run Intervals: Intervals are kind of my favorite, they helped greatly during the first half and will be even more key this race. By doing 3-1 run walk schedule I will be able to keep my pace a bit slower and keep my heart rate and the babies heart rate even. That way everyone is happy! Especially Dan when we cross the finish line and my first and last half of 2013 is over :).


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