The Lamest Post Ever…

8 Jan

Sorry, I am apologizing because this post is going to be pretty lame, but I have a great blogging streak going that I would rather not break!

Today is supposed to be training Tuesday and after the cold from hell I was happy to go back to Jeff this morning. I went to bed early and everything. Cue 3:30 am when Dan and I were both up uncontrollably coughing and not feeling well at all. It was a rough start in the Karnolt house for sure. So I did not go to Jeff today. My new plan was to nap after work then run on the treadmill because it would be too dark for outside. BUT around 2:00pm at work while reading an email my eyes both started twitching. Lights and noise were making me sick to my stomach and I had a terrible headache that felt like it was in my brain.

Mom knew I had a migraine as my brother gets them all the time. So she shut off the lights in our office and had me lie on my desk with my head covered by a shirt. It felt good but not something I could keep up so Dan drove me home, I dont think I could have driven if I tried.

I did have a delicious lunch before all this began but forgot to take a picture. It was chicken salad from yesterday with baby carrot sticks and whole grain tortilla chips. I didn’t feel like a sandwich so I used those as scoops. It was like meat hummus, and was delicious!

Anyway back to my head exploding! I took a nap once I got home around 4pm, I toughed it out as long as I could. When I woke up I knew I had to make something good for dinner, because even with a pounding head I had to eat…sorry I have two people to feed now not just myself. Also if I don’t keep something in my stomach the nausea takes over like crazy. A headache and nausea NO THANKS!!!

So I made these…


This is Dan’s Chicken Pot Pie, because he eats them like a normal person.

This is my chicken pot pie because I eat mine like a rabid animal.


They were good, and easy I threw them into the oven then retreated back to the darkness of our bedroom.

After dinner I went back to the bedroom but not before getting this picture to spice up this post.


So now Finny and I are snuggling in the darkness. But like I said I had to get my blogging in. Hoping when I wake up my head feels better and I can FINALLY get my run in. And Wacky Fact Wednesday of course!

2 Responses to “The Lamest Post Ever…”

  1. Kimberly at 5:35 am #

    I hope you are feeling better and every day with a Finny picture is a good day indeed. To all be happy, positive and cheerful today (I am so sick of doom and gloom forecasts all over the place) and think of Finny because that will make you smile and that “Is A Good Thing.”

    • Alex K at 9:19 am #

      Kim you will love the next post then, it is very Finny centric! He does make everyone happy, because he is very cute.

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