The saddest sight ever and my little buddy….

13 Jan

This morning this was the saddest sight ever!


Dan is almost in Texas as I write this and I hope he has a great time, and eats some really  great, BBQ, steaks, etc! He will be in heaven.

I on the other hand went to work and was just dragging tired. When I got home I thought Dan might be in Texas but I am not alone….How lucky I am to have my little man Finny with me.

Here’s is a run down in the day of the life of Finny. He wakes up between 5:30-7:00 am and we go outside. When there is snow he refuses to walk in it, but also will not go to the bathroom on sidewalks or pavement. He is a prima donna diva dog!

This is what Dan made him so he has an area.

IMG_3159 IMG_3158

Yes, Dan plows an area for him so as the snow melts and grass appears he is a happy man, you can see that in the second picture.

Otherwise if there is no snow we run all around the yard and neighborhood while out on our morning walk because this dog has some serious energy!

Then Finny spends most of the day in his room, (if we are at work)  yes the dog has his own room in the house, his bed, toys and food are all in there and he

has fun playing and mostly sleeping….this dog loves to sleep. Probably because he is so hyper.

If we are off work Finny spends the day with us, playing and roaming the house.


He does indeed have two beds and a carebear blanket…this dog knows style and comfort! He also has a box of toys including that sock on the bottom right of the photo.

The above picture has to have been taken after 6pm because then we are home from work and Finny had been out for his nightly walk through our neighborhood and is in his room to eat…he is a messy eater.

Around 9 pm we head out for the last walk of the day, and then up to the bedroom. Finny sleeps with Dan and I and usually at my legs. Also because he is always SO busy he passes out hard when he sleeps!


Finny is weird and likes to sleep on top of that pink blanket or rolled into it like a pig in a blanket. He also sleeps on top of my legs and across them, not sure how it is comfortable for him but I guess it is! Sometimes he even goes under the blankets and sleeps up against Dan, but that is only if all the lights and tv are already off and if Dan is asleep.

Then we wake up and do it all again! And that is a Day in the Life of our little Man Finny!


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