New Meal Monday…

14 Jan

The pregnant lonely lady edition.

Before I get into my dinner, if we can call it that, more like a bunch of random foods jumbled together. Let’s talk about how I spent today. It was a gorgeous 56* here in Connecticut today and all the snow melted. AND I HAD THE DAY OFF!! Around 12:30pm I had finished the chores I wanted to do and was about to get dressed for a run OUTSIDE when Mom called. I had to go to work…yea.

So I decided to just stay the day at that point and leave early later in the week to make up for it and hope and pray the weather was as nice!

The positive about heading into work was I could get lunch from my favorite place! A local grocery store near work offers 6 different soups a day and a salad bar. If anything this baby LOVES soup! It never makes me feel nauseous and so we are always good to go!

This is the salad bar…pretty impressive for a grocery store.


Plus that is one side the other side has fruit, beans, olives and macaroni and other premade salads.

Pretty great deal! The only issue is I have to play a game with myself while eating anything. The salad bar works because the game is called, what doesnt make my stomach turn. Go item to item. My salad ended up being really green.

I got potato soup and my salad.


The salad was lettuce, pickles,green olives, banana peppers, kidney beans and chow mein noodles…..yea what can I say it sounded good and REALLY WAS DELICIOUS!!!

Also oyster crackers are a stomach saver!

If the desk looks different it is because I was covering for Dan today in my old office, his current one.

This is it. It has no windows….my current office has a lot I was missing them.


In case you cannot tell I really enjoy the panorama feature on my phone!

I did miss my office, but not as much as I miss Dan….Okay TEXAS, time to give him back! Only 3 more days…well 4 he gets in Midnight on Friday!

Then after work it was time for dinner. Dinner has been tough the past two weeks as from 6pm on I feel AWFUL! So this is what sounded good, do this is what I had! It tasted great. Warning it is weirder than the salad.


Grapes, baby carrots (I may have given Finny some of those) and Mini Jimmy dean Biscuits with Sausage (maple flavored). It was a weird but wonderful dinner. Without Dan here I have no desire to cook. However going with my theme of seeing the positive in things this was a great dinner and I may have it for breakfast tomorrow minus the carrots. I probably could have eaten the entire bag of grapes and was glad I did not!

Overall it was a great day, half day off, getting things done, working, and really good food that may be a bit strange.

Its a different kind of New Meal Monday and I suppose we should all prepare for the fact that they might all be a bit strange for the next 6.5 months!

Now to watch Biggest Loser 🙂


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