Wacky Fact Wednesday….

16 Jan

AKA my last night without Dan! I am so excited for tomorrow!!!!! Yes he doesn’t get in until after midnight but it is still one more sleep without him.

Anyway the Facts!!!

Part of the facts are all about Snow, and part all about food. Pretty good mix I say!

1.) Last night it snowed. There is something you must know…Finny HATES the snow. Because of that hatred this happened.


Yes that is my little boy peeing on our welcome mat. However I am pretty sure I would do the same if the snow was rubbing my belly and I just woke up and had to pee. I texted this to Dan with the caption apparently Finny is a honey badger. If you don’t know what I am referencing you need to watch the honey badger youtube video!

2.) In the food world I tried something amazing this morning for breakfast.


The apple juice was not it, but while we are talking about it is is amazing and the only thing I can currently drink that doesn’t have a weird after taste. Water is salty, oj and lemonade are super acidy like you just brushed your teeth then drank them. Apple juice however is heaven.

Anyway my breakfast, a French Toast Bagel with Cinnamon Cream Cheese. Probably the best creation ever! I love cinnamon raisin bagels but hate raisins so these bagels are the perfect thing for me!

3.) Without Dan here it was my duty to clean off my car. Good thing he got me these for Christmas. Warm and dry feet all day and the ability to jump in puddles, plus they look really good!


Really warm Argyle socks are also a must!

4.) Just let the picture tell you


I think I was craving soup today, who spends $11.00 on .69 cent cans of soup! CRAZY but DELICIOUS!!!!

5.) When I got home from work today our Driveway was plowed. I have no idea who did that! THANK YOU!!! Dad usually does if Dan can’t but when he got here it was done, and Dad wanted me to clarify to Dan that he did NOT do this!


6.) And finally it is Wednesday so it is Family dinner night, we had this!


Chicken, veggies and potatoes! MY top two cravings this pregnancy have been chicken and apples. WHAT a great day for that Apple Juice and Coq Au vin!!!! YUMMY!

Have an amazing Thursday everyone! I am going to start my day with training with Jeff…the first time in like three weeks, thanks Death Cold and Morning Sickness. I am really looking forward to that, then working AND THEN PICKING UP MY HUSBAND!!!


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