My day….the last one without Dan!

17 Jan

Today started out great! I woke up feeling good and went and worked out with Jeff. I had to find things that fit, so this is what I wore.


I was a rainbow of colors! Black and blue running tights, because it was freezing. Pink and Grey shoes, pink and black shorts with Zebra side panels. A purple space dye tank and a black and white sweatshirt!

It was a good workout and I felt great….then I drove home.

I felt awful, today was honestly the worst day of my morning sickness. I am not complaining about it at all just stating the facts. Feeling like the worst hangover you’ve ever had is all I can compare it to.

My cravings today were still soup…which ended up being a bad choice.


So I took things up a notch, how do I heal a hangover????? Like this!

IMG_3208Dinner was a meatball sandwich and blue powerade, and my tummy actually LOVED IT! Plus a sandwich and the sandwich episode of 30 rock is an amazing combo!

And now this is what I am doing…


Dan’s flight took off 45 minutes late and as such is arriving late. It was already arriving after midnight so I am a tired lady. Aside from my midday/evening sickness this was a pretty great day…capped off with the fact that Dan is coming home to Finny and I!!!!!

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