Sunday Run and Happy Birthday To….

22 Jan

Sunday was a good day. Much better than Monday and Today which I spent pretty much all day in bed thanks morning sickness….I mean all day sickness. BUT LIKE I SAID BEFORE NOT COMPLAINING, just stating the facts!

Anyway Sunday was my day off, and I made plans and stuck to them! I started the day off right since I knew I would be running by eating the breakfast of champions.


This might be blasphemous to the gods of cereal, but I like these more than frosted mini wheats. I just do. Add some vanilla almond milk and your good to go.

Then I changed into the gift Dan brought me from Texas and got down to business.


What a nice shirt that is.

Not bad for not running in a while, and done while watching the Lorax on my Ipad. Yes I cried thanks hormones.


After my run I got ready to go out on a date with three special ladies, Grandma, my Aunt Kim and Aunt Tamarra. We were at grandmas house for around a half hour and this happened.


Action shot of her being annoyed with us all!

It was time to leave for our date we went to the movies to see Argo, it was a great movie! Also it was $5.00 for the movie, can’t beat that kind of deal.



After the movies it was time to switch families to bond with and head to my in-laws for my Father in Laws Bday dinner extravaganza.

Here is the birthday boy, (his shirt is Harley-Davidson and a gift from us).


Oh and my Mother in Law also. I am not sure if we had enough food for 6 people as this was 1 of two lasagnas made.

Everything was amazing, and I need the recipe for that sauce because I could drink it. No salad for me, because veggies are still a bother, but this was delicious. Drowning in sauce with homemade meatballs was key!


Also if you look at the picture of my FIL you will see blue in the bottom right corner, that was Dan’s items from childhood along with all his art projects. It was so cute to see it all. It was also the reason I made pizza for dinner tonight, it was fast, no veggies and every thing Dan wrote when he was young said pizza was his absolute favorite. Glad to make my husbands inner child happy!

I am going back to bed! Enjoy everyone.


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