Jumpin’ on the Paleo Bandwagon….well sort of.

24 Jan

If you follow me HERE or HERE you knew this post was coming in advance….

A lot of people I know eat Paleo and follow that lifestyle, those people are also some of the happiest people I know. Looking at you Dawn. (Who will be also running the Disney Princess Half Marathon).

So when Baby K has rejected every sort of food that has any sort of sugars in it. (Not Fruit of course, or Apple Juice.) But no candy, no sauces with sugars in them, no nothing. How is this my Baby?!??!

I decided it was time to try some Paleo myself. I have a couple recipes from Everyday Paleo that I use often…I really enjoy her taco salad. I found it on Youtube. But I add cheese…not right! And not how I am technically supposed to eat.

But I need more recipe ideas and help. Because I am sick of feeling sick!!!


This is a hotdog with baked beans and macaroni salad….NOT paleo and of course what we had for family dinner last night.

That did not sit well with little K. He/She hated it and let me know by numerous tummy rumbles, and indigestion. Great!

Today I went onto my favorite website ever Pintrest and found a great chili recipe, with pineapple!

The recipe is from here and I made a few tweaks! Also my picture will NEVER look as good, so please use that for my finished photo.

I was so excited about this recipe as my Mom makes a Atomic Pineapple Chili and it is so good. This tastes pretty close but not as sweet. No cream corn or Honey BBQ sauce in this one. And that is probably better for my tummy monster!

So here are my changes:


Any recipe that starts with browning a pound of bacon will turn out WONDEROUS!!! My tweak, was I cooked the bacon half way and then took it out and cut into small strips. It was therefore crispier and more delicious, and easier to cut.

Second I used the unsweetened natural canned pineapple in natural juices and poured the juice into the pot as well.

Finally I used one green bell pepper and one yellow pepper.


This was the most beautiful sight and smells I have EVER Smelled and Seen!!!

While I was cooking I started to feel a bit sick, so I had an orange. Thanks Louise for that advice.

It worked out well and the chili turned out WONDERFUL!

You may be wondering why I said sort of in the title and the answer is being in my situation you get cravings beyond your control, like today I needed a turkey sandwich for lunch so I had one. Bread is a no in the paleo diet, but I think if I only stray a bit it should all turn out okay!

In running news, I saw this in my Runners World Magazine and cant wait to try it. It has been 4-11* here the past couple days and I havent been feeling well so no I have not been running, and I will not even attempt an outside run. When I do though I will use this:


Sweet indoor warmups for cold out door runs. I will not demonstrate as this lady is far more coordinated than I am!

I cant wait to try them, and of course to get back to outside running!


If anyone has any recipes to share please post below in the comments!!!


One Response to “Jumpin’ on the Paleo Bandwagon….well sort of.”

  1. francesca January 24, 2013 at 9:25 pm #

    i know you love do I…that bacon dish looks delish…with a food blog i think everyone should know about an explanation for why our food supply is upside down. check out “food as a weapon” on youtube and “proof goverment is killing” by alex jones and it will enlighten you about foodies…thanks for hearing

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