Hitting the treadmill and my Job in pictures.

27 Jan

I felt really good today! I woke up feeling great, got ready and went to work. At 2pm when I got out of work I would usually need a serious nap, but not today. So I hit the treadmill to get some good mileage in.

My setup:


Water bottle, sourpatch kids, (needed since I knew I would need some fuel, but didn’t want caffeine.) And the good ole Ipad which would be cued up with some Investigation Shows, I am really loving the Investigation Discovery Channel and glad their shows are on Netflix. I may still be watching Deadly Attractions while typing this.

Here were the results of my hard work.


6 miles in a 11:54 pace! I am so happy with that as the limit for the Princess Half is 16 min/mile pace. I only had to take two breaks and that was for water bottle refills. The Doctor informed me they used to go by heart rate and monitor that, but he said as long as I stayed hydrated, ate, and didnt feel exhausted when done all was good.

Plus a 922 calorie burn is always a good thing, when you are always hungry!

After the running I needed to foam roll bad, my legs were a bit tense but feel great now!


I know you are really JEALOUS of my sweet setups in the basement!

I had to keep the show going as well!

All in all I was so happy with this effort after being so run down last week! I also cannot wait for WEDNESDAY when it will be 54* here and I will be running OUTSIDE!!!


In case people were wondering these are pictures of where I work. I took these today as it was pretty slow, and I am trying to get better at panorama photos on the Iphone….they are probably still pretty terrible though.


This is the clothing area, I was working here today filling in.

If you notice the baby clothes area to the left of the photo you may see this, which is super cute and I had to buy no matter what sex Baby K turns out to be because he/she will be a harley baby!

IMG_3269 IMG_3270

Dan thinks me buying that is admitting it will be a boy….someone really wants a son!


This is our parts area and behind me is where Dan works, which is the next picture. There is a customer at the counter being helped by my Dad.

Here is where Dan works.


Its a square room, the picture is deceiving. There is a small hallway where those flags are that leads to the parts area. The orange floor is pretty COOL! And that is where we work. My office I share with my Mom who was in there and doesn’t like her picture taken so I will share that another day! Enjoy the remainder of your weekend!!!!


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