Today I am thankful for:

28 Jan

TODAYS WORKOUT: workout with Jeff…running day off. .25 treadmill warmup. Then 1 hour of circuit training. 

Today I had a lot to reflect on and be thankful for. It was so cold today and snowing, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t a great day!

Wake Up at 5am got ready for my workout in which I was thankful for:

-Heated seats and steering wheel on the way there.


5:50am and 21* thanking my car for its features!!!

While working out I was thankful

-Jeff keeps things fun, I wore a bright orange shirt, and he was of course cracking jokes about not seeing me.

-Him giving me the option or lunges or kettlebell squats. After my 6 mile run, squatting with a 12 lb weight seemed awful. Lunges for once made my day!

At Work today I was thankful for:

-Our new phones that ring like we are on the show 24, my job just became that much more important.

-Mom and Dad’s friend came in and bought us pizza for lunch!


I was so excited to eat cheeseburger pizza I may have taken a bit before the picture was taken whoops!!!

– A good customer and family friend came in today and when I was leaving cleaned the snow off the car for me. I had to keep myself occupied so I built a little snowman on our general managers car….


When I got home I was thankful for:

-Our house being so beautiful in the snow.


-Finding Honeymoon pictures that remind you of being warm and in Jamaica!


-And finally: My little Family….they really love each other.


Talk to you all tomorrow I am going to eat some tomato soup and get ready for some Scentsy work!


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