Doing the right thing…..

29 Jan

Listening to my body. During my half marathon training (THIS TIME) things have to be done differently for obvious reasons. So last night and today when I started to experience severe cramping in my hamstring area I knew it was a rest day! It has become clear that during pregnancy my body need more than one running day of rest. Yesterday I did circuit training with Jeff, but today I need a full day off to just stretch them out and relax them.

Here is how my day went….aside from my legs.

 Got to work this morning and felt tired but good. That all changed when I realized Baby K really hates sugar and I had Ice cream and brownies last night….rough morning. That is when you eat an orange because the baby has an addiction to them and then you send your husband this picture….

Describes perfectly how I felt all day.


The orange teeth really make this shot….my eyes are also telling you I am not above posting embarrassing pictures on the internet for your entertainment. But honestly a year into this blog you should all know how crazy I am already!

Around 11:30 am I was super hungry for lunch and knew that since the baby was revolting against my food sins I would give it something I knew he/she loved.


My artistic shot of my loaded baked potato soup…. I really like this kind because they do not add cheese. But they do add tons of bacon, which apparently I was craving today.

I arrived home from work to Dan plowing the driveway on his quad like this.


Yes that is the back and that is our friend Mikey on the back being Dan’s plowing wingman. I am really glad 6 days from now I will also be on layoff and can see these plans hatch from the beginning and not come in halfway through.

Finally our dinner. I am eating it while typing this, and man did it come out good! I have been wanting to make some of the many paleo recipes people sent me but I have to go shopping for that to happen. In an effort to not have to get out of my PJ’s this concoction was born.


Boil one bag of eggnoodles, drain and remove from heat add 2 jars alfredo, one jar bacon bits….the real kind because they are delicious and a can of corn. It came out amazing and even though the finished product doesn’t look great it tastes amazing!!!

ENJOY YOUR TUESDAY! I WILL BE SNUGGLED UP WITH FINNY WATCHING THE TASTE….what a great idea for a cooking competition!

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