How I feel about Finny and a big thanks to the readers!

30 Jan

Today I downloaded an app that lets me write on my pictures. Why? So I can write hilarious things on some photos and so i can tag my own photos with FOOD RUN FUN that I post onto here and other websites (Pintrest). My baby announcement pin is blowing up over there. You can see that post here.

But not today. Today I used the app to tell all of you how I feel abut Finny at all times, through the lyrics of an 80’s classic. 😉


Finny loves me, as you an tell here he is at 8:30 am wondering why I am not getting up to hang out with him/ or this is his way of telling me he is super comfortable and NOT to move or disturb him. Either way if I am in sight of him through the course of the day his eyes never leave me!

I am really looking forward to the great uses this app will bring MUHAHAHAHAHA. Evil laughing!!!


In other news I really want to thank everyone who reads the blog. January 2013 has become my best month ever blogging with 1,800 something hits so far and one day to go. I have beat my previous January by over 400 hits and my best month which was March 2012 when I had 1727 hits. So thanks for being interested in my journey to be healthier and fitter! Dan says its  because their are more posts that include him, and hes the interesting one. Whatever it is I am thankful, because if people stop reading I will stop blogging!

Finally Dan and I spent the whole day together today because it was my day off and he is laid off. It was really nice we ran a bunch of errands and went to Trader Joe’s for the first time ever. I have never been there but I am assuming ones in other areas are much bigger than the one we have here in West Hartford, CT. It is in a strip mall, but I still found it amazing!!!

Here is a teaser picture as our day must be its own post, too many photos! But hopefully this will do it until tomorrow!


Is this a weird photo taken badly, maybe! Or was I trying to include winking watermelon Hello Kitty in there to say hey Trader Joe’s glad to meet you!?!?! You decide.

If you guessed the latter that is honestly what I was doing…NERD!

Well Finny and I are off to Family Dinner now. Todays workout and our day will be coming at you tomorrow. Enjoy your night!


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