Our first adventure together…

31 Jan

Well of Dan’s layoff. I am still working until Monday, (well Sunday at 1pm when we head up to Maine!) More on that Tuesday!

Yesterday I had an unexpected day off. My layoff was pushed up to the 4th, so I had planned on taking no days off this week as next week I have events and Dr.s appointments galore.

But with the layoff starting on Monday, I am free to do all those things without missing any work, and Mom gave me yesterday off! SWEET.

I had made a plan to check out Trader Joe’s I had been meaning to go there as I see it on other running blogs, and my co-workers go there and love it. (We only have one near us).

Dan had plans to go buy snow pants since he wants to snowboard and ski next week. I have never done either and clearly will not be doing them this time.

This is how the day went and some of the things we purchased.


First we went to Burlington Coat Factory but they didn’t have Dan’s size pants. He did try on this vest which he refused to model for you all and took it off when the camera came out. While there we also checked out some cribs, (our friends got their crib there) while they had some great deals they were all brown. Since we are doing a grey and yellow nursery i really want a black crib.

The next stop on the hunt for snow pants was of course Cabela’s. Where he did find a bunch he liked in the bargain room and the regular floor but they were too expensive. Here are some photo highlights of our time there.


I think this was my first time back here since I ran the hottest 5k ever here.

While re-reading that race post I forgot how tough it was and how well I did all things considered. I need to get back into that headspace!

Also while we were there we found this, which I am sure my Dad already has on layaway for his house so Baby K can watch TV with him when he/she is older.


Finally before we left Cabela’s I made Dan go to the Aquarium they have and check out the fishies with me!



Upon seeing these fish I told Dan if I ever saw fish this large swimming near me I would never go in water again!

Trader Joe’s is in a plaza with an Olive Garden so we went there for lunch because I for one could not pass up a trip there, the one near us always has hour long waits! Plus I wanted all three of my favorite food for lunch, and they deliver on that!


I got the soup salad and breadsticks lunch, dan did as well but he added a half a sandwich to his. I had two bowls of soup Minestrone and the Chicken Gnocchi Dan had. They were so good! I also had two bowls of salad and like 4 breadsticks. I was pretty full, but it wasnt a sick full so I knew Baby K was a happy little baby swimming around in my tummy enjoying those good foods.

After you eat Olive Garden give you these and honestly every Restaurant should….


Sorry if you follow me here you have already seen this. Oh well.

I guess this post will have to be a two parter as we got a lot of good things from TJ’s that I want to share with you!


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