Our Adventure to Trader Joe’s Part two:

1 Feb

Thursdays Workout: 3 mile treadmill run before work. 

Today’s workout: laying in bed, morning sickness.

As promised here is part two of our day Wednesday. It was a busy day I didn’t end up running as planned. I needed a nap after all the activity. So thursdays workout is up top nothing crazy as Thursday night- today I started feeling bad again….but anyway.

Trader Joe’s! I thought it was awesome, Dan did too. However the TJ’s near us is small I don’t think Dan liked that because it was packed and people don’t know how to walk through aisles while shopping without leaving a cart in the middle of it. Of this I am convinced!

But we made the best and found some great finds!

Pretty much my favorite buy and I have used it on everything!


This picture is from Grandma’s Family Dinner later that night! She made ribs and pulled pork…you all know I do not like pork. SO I had this!


There may have been 40 other pieces of broccoli not shown that were also consumed! So good, thanks to Mom in law for the suggestion.

We also had to buy this because honestly it is huge and really good!


Yes that is a Willy Wonka sized crazy candy bar. Baby K might hate sugar but I have been running tests and if I eat one square of this a day and no more I can still get my fix. Dan has been eating a little at a time as well, so this should last us over 2 weeks…pretty excited about that!

Dan’s picks of that day were, Peanut Butter Granola bars (eh I am not a fan of pb by itself), Cherry pomegranate pop tarts (I may have to steal those) and this! He is so funny. He said we had every kind of garlic but not this we need it!



So Thursday morning this was our breakfast eggs with garlic salt, sausage patties and Bruschetta for me, plus a banana and some NUUN that stuff rocks hard! That is what is in my water bottle. That bruschetta has been life changing. You might have noticed my love of hot sauce through the blog, but no thanks heartburn.

We also got a bunch more that we have not tried yet or I don’t have pictures of. As we try I will let you know. Two things we did try that we liked.

Alex’s Picks: Honey Wheat Pretzels, Bruschetta, Dark Chocolate Covered Powerberries

Dan’ Picks: Granola Bars, Gummy Tummy Penguins (yes those are a thing google them, they have a cult following) and Powerberries.

Thanks everyone for your suggestions on Facebook we did get a lot of things people suggested and next time will try different items as well!

We did also get a lot of produce because it is so cheap, but thats boring so there you go.

DO YOU LOVE TRADER JOE’S? What are some of your favorite items. 

I am excited to the garlic and herb pizza dough we got! 


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