Maine Part 2!

7 Feb

Day 2 was different than day 1 was since we had places to be. I had to go next door with Ashley and Danielle and about 20 other team Bliss ladies for our Scentsy Day, and Dan drove over an hour to New Hampshire where they had snow to go snowmobiling.


Before we went, we headed to the free breakfast where I was loving that they had oatmeal. It was a two packet kind of day. I also had some toast and fruit, and A LOT OF ORANGE JUICE.

Once we got over there we met up with our team and it was time to see the new products!


Our team I am in the back, and no I am not that tall I stood on my toes to make sure people could see my head!

scentsy aa

Ashley and I before the event!

The new products are all great, but the Scentsy things do not come out until March 1st so stay tuned for those items! The Grace Adele purses and such are already available in Pink and Orange and you can check them out here. Plus I love the scarves colors I will probably order one of each! When your belly is growing accessories are your new best shopping option!

After the event ended and  we were both back at the hotel Dan showed me pictures of his adventure on the snowmobile and then we went to dinner. We were in Maine so I had to order this….


It was SO good! And of course Dan had to take these pictures when I asked to take 1 of me happy to eat the soup.


Picture 1: Trying it—yum that is good!

Picture 2: Oh wow this is a lot of cheese.

Picture 3: God that was hot, I think I burned my mouth and apparently my left eye.

Picture 4: Cut it out Dan!

Then we had dinner. I ate half of mine and brought it back to the room because we had a refrigerator.


I had a turkey club and Dan had a burger. I think it may have been the best turkey club of my life. Everything was also $10.00 off thanks to a coupon the hotel gave us, so it made everything that much better.

Then it was time for PJS and tv. I had mentioned on Facebook that I know have a little bit of a bump and my mom had bought me some new clothes. Here is a picture of the baby K bump, a top my mom bought me and my hello kitty pj pants made for me by Mom in law!


Hopefully you can see what I mean, there is a little something right around my belly button area pushing its way out!

I can tell you all that it was not like that before!

The next morning we packed up and headed back home, but not before making a stop for breakfast at Tim Hortons. Dan love that place and they closed all of them in Connecticut, so we have to go to NYC to enjoy it the closest.


I got this maple panini breakfast sandwich, it reminded me of a little bit healthier McGriddle from Mcdonald’s I enjoyed it.

Here is Dan showing everyone how excited he is to be at Tim Hortons.


He actually looks like he might kill someone, so this was not the best face to make, but I know he thinks he is funny for doing it.

Well I am off for a treadmill run, then braving the grocery store to get somethings among all the crazies shopping before the blizzard hits us tomorrow!

Enjoy your Thursday!!!


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