Iphone photo drop and why my Aunt Kim will be proud of Me!

8 Feb

My Aunt Kim is a cool lady! She has done some pretty cool things in her life. She is also one of my heroes for doing something I would NEVER have had the courage to do when I was 18. She left her home and went into the Navy. She lived in California for a while and then was stationed in Italy! She is really cool, she plays video games with us, and is up on most of the latest trends.


Me, my Aunt Tamarra, Uncle Bob and Aunt Kim at the Color Me Rad Race!

I am pretty glad they all did it with me!

So when I found this recipe in Family Circle (whoever started sending that to me I thank you!) I knew I should make it in homage to her!!!


Yum Pasta Carbonara! Aunt Kim has her own recipe that is super close to this so I was glad to find an authentic recipe in a magazine with a lighter twist! It was really good!!!

With that I made a salad and had to try my new Trader Joe’s dressing which I loved so much!


The boys weren’t into trying it.


This gloriousness is my grandmas mashed potatoes with cream cheese, broccoli, cheddar cheese and french fried onions! This was part of Wednesday night dinner YUM!!!!


All around good.

Finally we end this post with a picture of the most tired Finny ever also from Wednesday night.


Sleeping with my Grandma in the background!


2 Responses to “Iphone photo drop and why my Aunt Kim will be proud of Me!”

  1. Kimberly February 8, 2013 at 9:23 pm #

    Pasta carbonara looks so good and just wanted to post a correction., I was 17 when I joined the Navy, I turned 18 four months later and I really did not know what I was getting into. No regrets cause you can’t go back until someone invents a time machine.

    • Alex K February 8, 2013 at 9:30 pm #

      Still even cooler I couldn’t have done it!

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