Happy 13 Weeks Baby K!

10 Feb

Today Baby K hits 13 weeks….we made it to the second trimester people! A new part of the blog will be an update every Sunday on the week before! I plan to include a bump picture, but we are in the middle of renovations and I have a really cute setup that I want to get just right first. With 26 weeks left to go I think we have more than enough time!

In the 12th week I:

  • Regained some ability to eat sugar when I was craving this for breakfast and it was acceptable to the baby! 


That is Trader Joe’s Strawberry Yogurt O’s mixed with Malt O Meals Marshmallow Mateys….BETTER THAN LUCKY CHARMS! Served with Vanilla Silk Almond Milk….Perfection!

  • Heard Baby K’s heartbeat for the second time! I had my 12 week check up on Thursday so the Dr. used the doppler to listen! 
  • Had cravings for foods small children love: Honestly one of my best pregnancy dinner choices! 

IMG_3385Tater tots (which Dan is stealing), and Dinosaur Chicken Nuggets are great. Especially when dipped in Fat Free Ranch and BBQ and hot sauce mixed together!

  • Got this really weird rash on my elbow. This thing flares up every time I eat….weird! 


  • Spent most of my weekend in bed. Waking up Friday with a flu that really knocked me on my behind all weekend was not fun! I barely left the house and when I did it was to let Mr. Finn Mann outside! He didn’t like it too much out there!

IMG_3387Yes that is him peeing. Sorry, I saw him stand still next to the snow bank and knew it was my chance to get a shot of him compared to all the snow!

Overall it was a great week! I got SOOOO much energy back (until the bug set in) and am feeling great for my race. My long run was supposed to be today, but tomorrow is just as good! Hope you all enjoyed your weekends and weeks. I am looking forward to the week ahead Tuesday we have an Ultra Sound and I am pretty excited to SEE Baby K for the second time :).


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