A day of Firsts……

12 Feb

Today’s workout: .25 treadmill warmup. 1 hour circuit training with Jeff….new readers he is my personal trainer and a family friend! If you are a CT local you should check out his business!!! 

Today was a day of firsts and a day of some of the same old as well.

The day started at 9am when I woke up, I actually slept in past 8:30 am on a weekday!!!! Pretty good, especially since I am laid off and should be sleeping in while I can!!!

Then I got ready and headed to Jeff’s to workout from 10-11, the workout was good and tiring the only thing that gave me any issues was the forward lunges. Center of gravity is a bit off!!!!

After that it was time to bring my car in for a service…..we are after all road tripping it Thursday at 11pm or Midnight down to North Carolina for my best friends engagement party! After that on Monday we are trekking down to Florida for my race. Taking our time and visiting Family along the way! I am really looking forward to Dan and Alex time in the car and bonding! If you happen to see a grey Nissan Armada with a pink 13.1 sticker feel free to beep and wave at us!

After the service we had someone very important to see…


The long strip of photos is from Today. In my Sunday update from week 13 I will post one close up shot so you can see it!

This was a first because it was the first time we saw Baby K jump, wave and wiggle it was really a great experience!

The next first was I took Dan to Babies R’ Us and we picked out a crib we both liked a lot! I initially wanted a black crib as we are doing grey walls, but figured since we have brown molding in the house a dark brown was a better choice!


It’s the summer infant Brayden crib in dark cherry! It is cute but also convertible so that it can become a bed when Baby K needs one. This will NOT be the bedding we use…but it is cute. If I had to rate how much Dan enjoyed it I would say a 5. I was surprised too there were things he actually seemed interested in. He was a bit shocked when I showed him the price of the BOB running stroller I wanted….but I know he would buy it for me if I asked nicely!

When we got home Finny spent his FIRST day in his room with the new paint job and it being green now instead of the red, I think he is much more relaxed in there.


OH did I say relaxed, because he here is spinning like crazy while I was trying to get a picture. In a few weeks he will be sharing this room with me when it becomes my Scentsy Office!!!

The last first of the day was us trying the Trader Joes Mandarin Orange chicken!!! SO YUMMY!


After eating it Dan exclaimed, “Man I really like Trader Joe’s.” I WAS SOOO HAPPY!!!!! He hates whole foods and calls it the hippie store. I guess Trader Joe’s will be a permanent staple in our shopping world!

So that was our day of firsts now I am doing Laundry, packing for the trip and relaxing. Dan is ripping up the floor in our mudroom so we can have tile put down while we are gone!

Have a great Tuesday everyone!!!!!


2 Responses to “A day of Firsts……”

  1. ufancy February 12, 2013 at 10:02 pm #

    Congrats on your soon to be new addition 🙂

    • Alex K February 12, 2013 at 10:04 pm #

      Thank you very much we are so excited!

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