Food. Run and Not so Fun!

12 Feb

Yesterday I ran. It felt great! My plan was to run for 2 hours and see how far I could go.

This was my setup for yesterdays run…..very official!


Chapstick, Shotblocks, Water, Tissues for my runny nose and body glide, because two hours of running with my ever changing body demanded it!

I ended up only going for one hour though, as Dan got home and said we had things do do!


I kept it at a nice pace I know I can keep during the race. On my run intervals I ran at a 5.0..which used to seem so slow, but now seems perfect to not wear me down. When it was time to walk for one minute I kept it at 4.0. It was pretty easy and I only stopped once to foam roll out my calves when I realized I should have worn compression socks!

I was pretty happy because it was a pace I knew I could keep for another hour and if I did would have done 9.5 miles in 2 hours. That makes me pretty happy as I am clearly not racing for any sort of PR and want to do this for the experience!

So what did we have to do? Well the first stop was the not so fun Lab where I got my blood work done for Baby K. I don’t mind getting blood taken while its happening, but before it I psych myself up and out, and that is something I need to work on in all aspects.

It went fine and then we were on our way to get food, as shotblocks, an orange and 4 pretzels really didnt help the dizziness after giving the blood. Plus I needed something as recovery from my run.

Clearly this was the only option :).


Photo from (Facebook)

A chicken quesadilla always makes your muscles and your arm feel better ;).

After that we had to go to home depot, so you know Dan was excited. We are redoing our master bathroom, that wasnt the plan but someone dropped his cologne into his sink and smashed the sink… now thats happening!


New toliet, vanity, medicine cabinet and lights one for the bathroom and the other for this.


This creepy Salem Witch Trials looking light was the one that came with the house when we moved in. As you can see it is right at our front door. My handyman husband replaced it, so now there is this…



After all this excitement Baby K and I needed a nap and took a nice long one until 8pm. Then it was my usual Monday night activity. Flipping between Bachelor, Biggest Loser and the Following.

Bachelor: I was happy with ONE who went home and next week looks crazy!

Biggest Loser: NOT Happy with who went home, and some people are really jerks for voting for them!

Now I am off to workout with Jeff then to an ultrasound, so Dan and I can hang out with Baby K for a bit!


2 Responses to “Food. Run and Not so Fun!”

  1. Nelson H. Simpson February 16, 2013 at 9:58 am #

    So, I danced for 3 hours yesterday on some pretty high heels at a wedding…needless to say, that was stupid. This is the first run in months when my knees ached and my legs felt really bad….it was definately the unintended cross training yesterday…anyhow, run is done and I’m going to take a NSAID and ice up. my legs and feet felt 100 x better last weekend after 20 mi. No more dancing or high heels until after the marathon.

    • Alex K February 21, 2013 at 9:42 pm #

      Oh no! I always seem to wear the wrong shoes before my long runs then get really angry at myself! Good luck with your marathon :).

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