Live from North Carolina it’s Alex and Dan!

17 Feb

Bet you thought I was going to say its Sunday morning, instead of Saturday night but nope, here we are on our last day in North Carolina. This might be kind of a long post, or a two parter because I have everything from the road trip to now to discuss and show in photos!!!

Oh yea, before I get started I have to say Thursday was Valentine’s day and I woke up to this!


Flowers, chocolate and breakfast!!!! We had frozen meals since we would be traveling and what was the point of buying stuff that would go bad?

You know someone loves you when they get one bowl with Bacon, eggs, cheese, and potatoes for him and one with sausage for me. He knows the way to my heart is breakfast sausage and ferrero candies! He’s a keeper!

For Dan’s gifts were a heart filled with mini reeses cups, a card and a $25.00 gift card. I wanted it to be for home depot but you cant get them in that amount anywhere but home depot. So he can use it anywhere.

The final part of his gift as this….


Half a Turkey club and half a Chicken Club from Rein’s Deli, if you live in our area you know how DELICIOUS these are! We always get one of each sandwich and share them….totally fun to have someone that loves the same foods you do. That was you always get two yummy things!

The road trip: 

Dan and I left home at 9:30pm on Thursday Night and we were on our way to the great adventure ahead of us!


We made great time through CT, then we hit NY. New York was an experience, I mean it usually is, but we got there around 11:30 am. We left NYC at almost 1 am. Here is what happened.

We hit a dead stop in traffic because the road was closed to one lane in one area, due to construction.


I had to take a picture of this sign because people are stubborn drivers. It must have told you this 100 times before you actually got to the exit that if you were heading to New Jersey stay to the left. But people didn’t listen and thus Traffic!

But the worst part and my nightmare was this situation for 40 minutes.


Welcome to the George Washington Bridge. I hate bridges that are super high, and over water. This one is both, combine that with the fact that the whole bridge (bottom level) was closed due to an accident and we were swinging back and forth in the wind. The whole car was shaking and closing my eyes made it worse. Luckily Dan was there to calm me a little bit.

We finally got to New Jersey and then things got just as strange. This time for around 20 minutes we had a police led escort down the New Jersey turnpike at 1:30 am. We went 10-15 mph behind a three lane length group of cop cars. Dan thought it was cool since we were right in front of it. I did not get a picture sorry!

The rest of the states were good to go and we got to North Carolina at around 11:30am-Noon.

REUNITED with my Best Friend Since I was born….

IMG_1693This is Lindsey my BFF, Me and Michelle her sister and my other lifelong BFF at my wedding. We went to try on her wedding dress as soon as I got there and clearly I cannot post THAT picture!!!!! So here is one from the last time we were all together and all dressed up. Lindsey lives in NC, me in CT and Michelle in Seattle! So when we get together it is always a good time, and always like no time has passed.

After the dress fitting Dan met up with us and we ate at a restaurant called Mellow Mushroom. It had an Alice in Wonderland theme and is the coolest pizza place I have ever been to! North Carolina compared to the east coast has some pretty crappy pizza! But this place was amazing! The crust was even super delicious. I got a small Red Potato Pizza, it came with bacon, sour cream and drizzled with spicy ranch. I shared it with Dan who got a sandwich.


Two pieces of the four piece small was more than enough for me and Baby K! Thanks Debbie for lunch (L and M’s Mom).

Later that night we all had dinner. My parents are here as well as they are best friends with L & M’s parents. Their grandfather brought spaghetti sauce that was so delicious. I was a stuffed lady and went to bed happy!

That was our day and thus ends this post. Because if I got into last night (Saturday) this post would go on forever!!!

Enjoy your weekends! 1 week from today I “run” (I will probably be doing a lot of walking) the Disney Princess Half Marathon!!! So pumped and cant wait to share my outfit with you all!!!!


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