Visiting the Grandparents!

19 Feb

I have met Dan’s grandparents a handful of times and love them. They are so sweet and hilarious! I have a Memere and a Pepere as well since Dan and I are both French Canadian. Our Memere’s are so much a like it is scary….but also very entertaining!

When we first told her we would be visiting she told us she did not have room for us to spend the night. To us that didn’t matter because we just wanted to visit with them and could stay at a hotel. That all changed once we actually got to their house. They had made us food. Chicken noodle soup for me, and for Dan (sorry I dont know how to spell it, so I’ll just explain it) the filling that goes into meat pies. Which is a cold ground pork that he spread on toast or crackers. It isn’t the prettiest looking thing so there is no picture but Dan was in heaven and his grandmother knows the way to his heart for sure.

After lunch it was time to sit and talk, or in my case lay on the couch and take a nap like Memere told me I should because, “I know how pregnant ladies are.” I loved it and fell asleep pretty quickly. I didnt even know I was tired, but I guess Grandmothers do know what is best!

Here is a picture of all of us from their last visit to Connecticut.


Dan, Noelle (dans sister) and Me, with the Grandparents.

After my nap she announced that it was decided and we would stay the night with them! They have two bedrooms with small beds as guest rooms so we each slept in one and it was very nice! I just woke up and started typing this entry if you couldnt tell.

We also met up with Dan’s Aunt and cousins who live down here. Dan’s Aunt and Memere and Pepere both surprised us with baby gifts. I love them both and was so surprised they were grey and yellow things as that is the baby’s room colors.

IMG_3441 IMG_3442

These are the first gifts we have received for Baby K, we were so surprised and grateful for them! The top is the softest baby blanket and rabbit I have ever felt from Aunt Sue, and the bottom is the cutest hooded towel set and bath supplies from M&P.

Next it was off to dinner where we planned to treat everyone, but Memere got us there too. She informed the waiter that he had better respect his elders and give her the bill to pay. She had us, we are in the South after all and there was no way we were getting the check after she said that.

Dinner was so good! We went to Fatz Cafe, here is what I ate.


I probably had 3-4 of these poppy seed rolls. They were more like a little donut and were covered in sugar. He just kept bringing us more and we all liked them a lot!


For dinner Dan and I shared a cup of soup and I got this salad. I have been loving salads lately and trying to eat as many as possible before Thursday which is my pre-race fiber cut off! If you don’t know why I do that its to avoid bathroom breaks during race day!

Finally the waiter brought us two free cakes and said it must be someone’s birthday coming up and we should enjoy!


Needless to say this way great!!!

Finally we headed back to their house and it was time for bed. Pepere is a great artist and I had to share some of the paintings he has done that are in the room I stayed in.

IMG_3449 IMG_3450 IMG_3451

You can see me in the last one! Aren’t these amazing works! It is great that he has such a wonderful hobby!

I am off to eat breakfast and spend more time with them before we head off to Florida today. Again we are so grateful that they allowed us to stay with them, and that we made some great memories with them!


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