In Florida!!

20 Feb

Today’s Workout: Hotel Treadmill Run Had to make it quick as we had places to be. 1.51 miles in 20 minutes and a 5 minute cool down which brought it to 1.83 miles in 25 minutes. Pretty happy with that and my legs feel good. They have been really tight this week. 

Yesterday morning began in South Carolina with the Grandparents. Memere made us breakfast. Dan and I both had this toast which as she told us was to die for. It was delicious!


Then Dan and I were on our way for the 8 hour drive to Orlando. We ended up seeing some Nascar trailers headed to Daytona on the way!

IMG_3456This was the #24 trailer we also saw #00 which was the same truck but in red. We don’t watch Nascar but it was still pretty cool!!!

Then we made a stop at Daytona Harley-Davidson. New readers we work at a Harley-Davidson dealership, but had to stop as this is the largest in the world. It was very impressive. I could only get half of one building in the photo.


Oh hey shadow people!!!

They also have a sandcastle sculpture which was pretty neat!


Pretty Neat!

On our way through Daytona I decided it was probably time to book a hotel so on my Ipad I went to travelocity. This was my first time ever on the site so I am not advertising for them, I just had a great experience. We were able to get a 4 star hotel for $63.00 for the night. That is with all fees included. I was pretty happy with that and the hotel is beautiful. We could only get it for last night though as they are sold out, so we shall see where today takes us.

The hotel had coupons so we utilized this one.


We are big cici’s fans and if one of us can eat for free even better. 10.00 for us to both eat as much food as we want is a bargain. Though I did spill my 32 oz. drink all over the car later….FAIL.


Plate one was pasta, pizza and salad. Plate 2 (my final plate) was a smaller amount of pasta and a cinnamon roll…those things are magical!

Today we are off to somewhere I am SO EXCITED TO GO! I will have to fill you in later. Then we are meeting up with Dan’s cousins for dinner. Have a great day everyone!!!


2 Responses to “In Florida!!”

  1. Kimberly February 20, 2013 at 10:32 am #

    It’s so wonderful to read about your trip. I can’t wait to find out about where you are going today. Enjoy the sun because we are expecting another storm this weekend. Yeah. Love yah. Miss you too.

    • Alex K February 21, 2013 at 9:25 am #

      Ew thanks for the snow reminder!!! The trip is great I am in the middle of a post now enjoy and be jealous 😉

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