Disney Princess Race Expo and more…

23 Feb

Yesterday we went to the Expo, because today we are headed to the parks for a little bit and then I am going to bed. A 3:00 am wake up will be hard! The race gun goes off at 5:35 am.

Anyway back to the expo. It was very crowded, but the lines were much better when I went around 2 pm, then I had heard they were earlier in the day! People are super crazy over anything that says Disney and Disney knows it! They had so many things for sale. While I did buy things at the expo, it was more things to help me on race day and nothing Disney.

First we went and picked up my bib, it was very good with over 34,000 people running this race they had it set up in groups by bib numbers. No line when I got there and I was able to get it right away!


#1- Yes my bib says Princess Alexandra bet you didn’t know I was an “official” Disney Princess ;).

#2- I was surprised I was not put into the last corral for this race. The reason being was they made you put in your projected finish time, and a previous race that supported that. I think when I signed up (Pre- Baby K) I put in 2:30, my real goal was 2:15. My previous race time as you know was 2:53. They would accept 2:45 at the most, so I was a bit surprised, but glad as this gives me a little more course time to get things done!!! My goal now is 3:00.I plan on walking a lot and not taking chances with my precious cargo in my tummy. I thought I was put into the last one until I saw ladies with bibs that said H.

After my bib pick up we had to pick up Dan’s Cheer Squad stuff. I will post a picture of him in his shirt tomorrow. He has a wristband and gets to relax and be super comfy all race time in a tent with amenities. I am going to the race retreat quickly before the race, Dan cant go in. I will grab some food, hopefully a water bottle and be good to go before race time!

After pick ups it was time to walk around the expo. Sorry no pictures of this, even though there were no bib lines, there were easily still 8,000 people in the expo at this time and it was kind of a small area for that!

Here is what I got/bought:


In the bag I was given, the backpack, t-shirt, bib, safety pins and brochures which you didnt need to see. I bought the interval timer as I run 3-1 intervals and I hate staring at my watch to do it and not over exert myself. This thing buzzes against your skin when an interval ends Awesome! I also bought those shorts, I forgot to pack my spandex/bet they dont fit right now so these ones will be great and together with body glide will stop chaffing! Finally the stick! I wasnt about to lug my foam roller down here so I bought a stick at the expo. One of my calves has been crazy tight and making me sad. Last night Dan rolled out my legs and back, I know I am spoiled!

Then it was back to the hotel where we had more animals show up outside our window because it was feeding time! We saw a zebra in the distance but it was a bit too far for us!


There was this bird with really long legs!

Which was shocking because look how short the one on the tree looks here!



Then two very hungry things that look like deer, sorry I don’t know any names!

Then we headed to the buffet here for dinner.

IMG_3505 IMG_3507

My Dinner: Pita bread, hummus, soup, cabbage, chicken, mac and cheese and a cornbread muffin!

Dessert: a lot of grapes and pineapple!

It was very good and we were happy with the choice to eat there!

Okay well time to get ready then off to the parks! Hope everyone back home is having a nice day, even with all the snow!!!


3 Responses to “Disney Princess Race Expo and more…”

  1. health advocation February 23, 2013 at 12:35 pm #

    that race sounds like so much fun!! good luck, and I can’t wait to hear about it!

  2. Kimberly February 23, 2013 at 6:55 pm #

    Good race, good day. Enjoy it and good luck on meeting or even beating your goal. I’ll send you some good karma through your race. You go Princess. Love yah.

    • Alex K February 23, 2013 at 7:04 pm #

      Love you too Kim. If anyone is wondering when I will be posting the recap of the race probably tomorrow afternoon/night. The race should be over for me by 9am at the latest but then I am planning a nap and a swim in the pool!

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