Did you miss me and Baby K?!?!?!

3 Mar

Sorry it took so long for a new blog post. After we got home from North Carolina on Wednesday morning at 5:30 am we were both very tired. Then all week we did really boring things. I gave myself a full week off from working out so Baby K and my Muscles could recover quickly and non-stressfully!

I worked on Scentsy events and things and started to organize my storage for it. I have a HUGE event this Thursday night at a local venue for a ladies night out and am hoping to do very well!!!

Today was actually the first day we did anything interesting and that I have anything to talk about.

Today I hit 16 weeks pregnant, so 4 months :).


Hello giant baby belly that is creeping its way up higher and higher. Maybe I will have to pee less in the middle of the night. Sorry for the messy bathroom shot, but we are renovating the other bathroom (Dan’s) so we are sharing mine now. Also this picture was taken yesterday. Week 15 proved challenging.

Week 15 Baby K facts:

  • I have now gained 9lbs total. I think some of that was vacation eating though and will smooth itself out.
  • Baby K LOVES: anything raw- veggies, cheese, fruit
  • Baby K HATES: Anything cooked and mixed. – Smoothies were a bad choice apparently and surprisingly.
  • I have begun to feel tiny movements and one large one that woke me up last night when it felt like my stomach hiccuped.
  • I have my 4 month Dr. Appt. on Friday and will schedule my ultra sound to find out the sex during that, you all and everyone in my personal life will not find out until the day of our shower…..because I am extra SNEAKY like that. We have names picked out for a boy and a girl.


Now back to what we did today, actually still baby related.

Dan goes back to work next Monday and I go back March 18th. We have gotten a lot done around the house. Dan has renovated and I have organized and started to declutter. The last thing to get started on was Baby K’s room. If we can get some of it set up now it will be less work later. Plus I can help do things before I am too big to not want to.

Today we ventured to Babies R Us.

We looked at some things we wanted for the baby.

IMG_3569 IMG_3571

There is Dan looking at a pack and play he loves, it even has an MP3 hook up that also will vibrate the P&P for baby.

OH yea we also ordered the crib, and the dresser. See they were having a deal where if you bought the crib and one piece of furniture the mattress was free…..I LOVE a bargain!!!

crib(Photo: Toys R Us)

If you like this crib get it from BRU, it was there for $299.99, while it is on the TRU website for 329.99 weird!

We got the crib and the short dresser $399.99 and the mattress ($109.99) was free!!! We will take it! The baby’s room is going to be a light grey and the furniture is a very dark cherry. I originally wanted black, but decided with wood trim and closet doors the brown would be a better match!

After our shopping excursion we headed to Dan’s least favorite restaurant in the world. I was trying to experiment with cooked vs. non-cooked foods and Chipotle fit the bill.


I had a burrito bowl with some chips and salsa. It had cheese, quacamole, chicken, rice, beans, lettuce and salsa. Dan had a burrito bowl with pork, a taco with barbacoa whatever that is and some chips.

When I only got this far into my bowl, he also had the rest of that.


The clear winner of the meal for me was the lettuce. I did end up getting a little sick after eating but nothing too bad so apparently there were other things aside from lettuce that agreed with baby. I am not about to be doing a test to see which foods are good and which are not individually. If we have learned anything from my blogging it is that I prefer foods mixed together like salads and casseroles. If they arent pre-mixed try them that way. Before I knew I was pregnant I was big into mixing pasta with marinara sauce and baked beans….weird but DELICIOUS!!!

So that is what has been going on with us….nothing too interesting but just enough to give you all a post. Back to working out tomorrow and my usual antics!!

Enjoy your Sunday. Its Walking Dead Time!!!


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