Spring must be almost here!

4 Mar

TODAYS WORKOUT: 2 Mile treadmill run/walk 

Spring must be almost here, I will tell you why at the end of this post. But first Dan and I had a day date today!

We woke up this morning and after taking care of some Scentsy things it was time to spend some together. We headed to Olive Garden and I sadly don’t have a picture but just like last time we went there we both got the Soup, Salad and Breadsticks. This was honestly the first thing in so long that I didn’t start to feel sick while eating it!

Whereas last night I ate a grilled cheese and a cup (yes I measured) of alphabet soup and it wasnt good.


Don’t get me wrong, both things tasted great. I just have to experiment more for the fine balance of what baby likes!

But back to today! After our lunch we went to the movies and saw….


Weekdays at 1 pm are the time to go. We went to the IMAX one and there was us and one other guy in there. The movie was great Dan also liked it. I think at first he thought it was for little kids, but once it started we both realized any little kid might have nightmares watching giants eat people and bite their heads off! I was glad we both liked it.

After the movie I was still very full from lunch but Dan wanted ice cream. He decided he would go and check if Rita’s was open. Rita’s is a chain, they have like Italian ices and custard (kind of a thicker soft serve) but it is Dan’s favorite. Luckily for him they were open. They open in spring and give free Flavored Ice on the first day of spring!

I know I take a lot of pictures and tell him to be excited, he usually looks annoyed but today was different!!



Now it is time to watch tv and snuggle this little guy, who incase you didn’t know kind of loves me a lot!



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