Our last day at Disney

5 Mar

Well not really it was Saturday, but it is the last thing I am posting about!

Saturday the 23rd we went to the Magic Kingdom. We had a one day park hopper pass but this was the only park we went to. It ended up being a long and really hot day and with the race the next day I didn’t want to wipe myself out going park to park, also this park had the rides I could go on!!!


Me in front of the Castle. I was really hoping it wasn’t noticeable how big my chest area has gotten thanks to pregnancy, but I guess that hope has gone out the window!

Then we went and had breakfast, we dont know much about what Disney has in the way of food, last time I was here I was 7 years old.

So we went to the first place we saw and they ended up having waffles. Dan had a waffle breakfast sandwich and I had this…Yummy Carbs before the race!


Fresh fruit and nutella waffle!!!

After that we went on my 4 favortie rides/the four rides I remember from being a kid and still loved!!!

Ride 1: Haunted Mansion.


We took the long way in through the cemetery, since there wasnt really a wait and got the full experience. The ride was just as good as I remembered and then it broke down while we were on it. But only for a few minutes. I obeyed the rules and didnt take any pictures on the ride as I would need a flash and they said it was not allowed!

Ride #2: Pirates Of the Caribbean

Also a classic and updated since the last time I was there to include Captain Jack Sparrow. The line for this one was long and the ride is super dark so no photos of this one!

Ride #3: It’s a Small World.

You know we had to go on this, so colorful and fun and a little bit racist. Still fun and cute….you know I have pictures of this one.

IMG_3513 IMG_3516

I had to take the hawaii one as we just found out a day before we would be going there all expenses paid thanks to Scentsy!!!

Ride #4: The Jungle Cruise.

By this point I was tired so no pictures but a fun ride with fake animals and bad jokes made by the tour guide. It was a good last ride.

To end the day I took some advice from the girls in my August Mom’s group on facebook and Dan and I got some Dole whip. I had never heard of it before but they said it was a must….boy was that good!


This is a float, pineapple dolewhip with pineapple juice. It was so hot that day an this was so refreshing.

After this Dan and I boarded the bus and headed back to the hotel. It was around 3:30pm and both of us were falling asleep. We felt like all the small children on the bus sleeping on their parents. At that moment I wished I was not pregnant (not really) and thus not so heavy so I could make Dan carry me. But then thought no it will be so much fun to come back here with our little one.

So that was our trip to the magic kingdom. I still found it just as magical as I did as a child. I dont know how Dan felt about it but we both had a good day!!!


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