Business things, taxes and our Irish Holiday!

18 Mar

So yes I am Irish, well both my grandmothers are so part of me is! We had corned beef and cabbage on Wednesday at Family Dinner. Here is a secret I HATE corned beef. So what did we have for dinner yesterday on the day to be Irish in America?!?!?!

Well Chinese Food of course and from our favorite place Sun Sun. If you are local it is worth the drive to South Windsor.



True that wise fortune from a tiny gross cookie……yes I love Chinese food dislike fortune cookies.

Also a big happy birthday yesterday to my Aunt Tamarra!!!! Hope you had a wonderful day and an even better year!


Tamarra and I at Color Me Rad last year….yea we look a little a like.

Today I went back to work for the first time since February 4th it was nice to be back. After work I had to get to work on some Scentsy Business!

I had taken a picture of my setup but for some reason my Iphone is doing this funky thing where it takes the picture but never actually saves it, so instead you get this.

I had to switch over my tester scents and catalogs tonight as the new spring and summer scents and warmers are out.

I also swtiched all the warmers in our house to spring and summery scents. If I do that it will keep the impending snow storm away right?!?!?!


Those are some of the new warmers. The top two have replaceable magnetic windows, so you can switch them for the season/your mood. Click the picture to visit my website.

Finally I started to get everything together for taxes. You see I make great commission selling Scentsy but they don’t take taxes out. So now it is time to shuffle through my records, contracts, gas mileage, etc and find write offs so I dont owe 1,000.00 to the state and government. So I am doing that, finishing the biggest loser finale and heading to bed. Enjoy your night everyone!!!


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