Sunday Shenanigans and Other Such Things….

24 Mar

For those of you who follow my Baby K updates you know today is our 19th week sharing my body. But this is not the Baby K update, that will happen tomorrow.

See I had a very long and tiring weekend and I am probably going to bed at around 8-830pm, judge me if you must but it will be glorious! So here is a rundown of random weekend events and things I think you need to know about!

IMG_3638 IMG_3637

I put together a scentsy bag, this is literally my everyday purse right now and what I take with me everywhere. I have my phone, a small wallet and the rest is Scentsy, my binder, day planner, old and new catalogs. Then I have product in case someone doesnt know what Scentsy is. Wax, a warmer, a scent circle, a room spray, travel tin and body spray. I think I am set for any on the go sales!


Yesterday we had a funeral to go to. Some people we are very close to….basically our 2nd family lost their father and it was a very sad day for everyone. The nice thing was my Dad bought me a coffee, this was my one for the week. So I figured Dad needed his own photo on the blog with my treat :). Thanks again Daddy!

That brings us to today. Dan and I went to breakfast together. I knew I would not be eating lunch as I had a lot of things planned so I ate one of my FAVORITE but most fattening foods of all time….

IMG_3643 IMG_3642

Biscuits and gravy for me! Then I had Dan take a picture which came out terrible for me, I guess I was tired all day and never noticed it…..until this picture and now that is! Also I was trying not to fall off the stool we were on.

After breakfast Dan and I went our separate ways. He to go mountain biking and me to head here.


I needed some new clothes. You will certainly be able to see why when I do my 19 week update. Maybe I will even model some things for the blog ;).

After I got home it was time for a major cleaning. I did all the floors downstairs and cleaned the kitchen, that is a big deal since our kitchen is our catch all and the heart of our house. However I feel really accomplished that I got it done. Time for bed….and NO ONE SPOIL WALKING DEAD FOR ME!!! I will be watching tomorrow night.


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