Happy Birthday to….

31 Mar


It’s March 30th and that can only mean one thing….the coolest lady in the world was born today! So Happy Birthday to my Grandma/Gma because she is the most fun grandma you could ever have.

A lot of people will tell you that their grandparents are their best friends and they maybe, but my Grandmother really is. I tell her things I don’t tell other people because I know she can keep a secret and because she will not judge me, she is always there to help and support you!

Since the time I was a little girl I have idolized her and she truly is one of my heroes and inspirations in everything I do. If there ever comes a time when I think I cannot do something, I say to myself what would Grandma do and then I find the strength or way to break through a mental block and get it done!

I mean look how cool she is:


Here she is looking cool in Mexico last May and bummed out that there wasn’t any of her favorite after dinner drink in the hotel room for the after dinner party we had. She is one fun Grandma!!!!

This December my Grandfather has been gone for 13 years, I am impressed with Grandma’s strength because I don’t know if I could have done as well as she has after unexpectedly losing my husband.

So like I said my Grandma is a strong, fun lady who is the life of the party and everyone who meets her loves her. She will probably read this and make this face…


But thats okay because we all know I am her favorite anyway ;).

Happy 78th Birthday Grandma I hope it was amazing just like you!


2 Responses to “Happy Birthday to….”

  1. Kimberly March 31, 2013 at 7:41 pm #

    We all know that I am her favorite anyway but I will admit that you might be a very very close second. Ha ha ha ha ha a ha

    • Alex K March 31, 2013 at 9:43 pm #

      Ok Kim whatever makes you feel better ;). Love ya!

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