Happy Birthday to….

7 Apr

Happy 26th Birthday to my little brother Harry! Soon to be Uncle Harry!!

I cannot believe you are 26, that means I am almost 28, but lets not discuss that part. Let’s talk about you!


We always did everything together! I even taught you all the things I learned in preschool and kindergarten, no wonder you are so smart now;). Plus I know you always liked to do everything I did. Especially when you only applied to the college I already went to! It was great to have that experience with you though!

I have always looked out for you and will continue to do that even though we don’t always get along. Because you like to do annoying things….


Classic little brother!!!

But in the end I know we love each other and you give me a hard time out of love.


h and a

I am so happy with the person you have become and you are such a good brother. I know you secretly love me a lot and cannot wait to teach your niece or nephew all about sports. After all you keep telling me they will be 6 feet tall and must play sports!

I love you little brother and hope you have an Amazing day!!!!




One Response to “Happy Birthday to….”

  1. Kimberly April 7, 2013 at 10:12 pm #

    Happy birthday to my absolutely favorite nephew. Love you.

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