Fun Event Friday! The Baby Edition!

24 May

If you are a regular blog reader you know when I post regularly the schedule goes like this: 

MONDAY: New Meal Monday

TUESDAY: Training Tuesday 


THURSDAY: Treat Yourself

FRIDAY: Fun Event


Today’s fun event showed Dan and I how much our lives are changing as we actually had a really good time doing the following activity! 

So what did we do?!?!?!

IMG_3847 IMG_3851


Why we built a crib and a dresser of course! 

IMG_3848 IMG_3849


Dan was the builder and I helped by reading the directions to him and holding the crib and dresser up at specific times. I am a GREAT assistant like that! Also I did build one of the shelves in the dresser….I know, SKILLS! 

The crib portion was quick and easy! 



The dresser took longer, but we made it through and were able to get everything set up! 



IMG_3852 IMG_3853


The room is far from done as I have some yellow and white accents to add to the walls still and clearly we need some more things like changing pad and the like. But we were both so excited to see it come together and that Baby Boy should he come anytime before his estimated due date now has a place of his own! Also it was really fun to put away the clothes, cloth diapers and accessories I already have for little Camden! Dan and I cannot wait until he is here to love and snuggle. 

Of course both Grandmothers and one of the Grandfathers (my Dad was still at work) came to check out the room, and Finny got to tryout the crib. Sorry that is a picture Dan has and I don’t. But who would have thought we would have such a fun time doing things like this together!?!?!? The answer: Not us. But it was an amazing revelation that something mundane can be fun and bring you closer together!!! 

Everyone enjoy your night and if you have a long weekend enjoy that too! I have Monday and Tuesday off and am working all weekend, which I dont mind as it is going to rain anyway! 


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