Putting the RUN back in Food Run Fun!!!

13 Jun

No I didnt actually run…..that day will come 1-2 weeks after Camden is here (if everything is normal) I have already cleared that with my DR. But I do have some exciting news!!!!

On Tuesday I signed up for three races! If you are a runner and a Disney fan, and a woman (most likely) you probably did too!!!!!!!

So what did I sign up for? Well just a little race called the Tinkerbell Half Marathon and the Glass Slipper Challenge!!!

(By the way I love exclamation points)

The Tinkerbell is pretty straight forward, its in California at Disneyland and gives me a chance to visit with my friend Lauren who lives out there.

The Glass Slipper Challenge is…


I LOVED the Princess Half and am SO excited they are cutting the number of registrants down by 2000 and changing the corral placing! People who run much slower than I do were in corrals ahead of me last time and I am not sure how that happened. Hopefully the confusion will be fixed!!

PLUS….if you do one race in California and one in Florida you get the Coast to Coast medal. This medal is usually blue, this year if you do Tinkerbell and The Princess you get this….


I think you all know I love pink! So let us review the benefits of these races:

  • Getting back into shape post baby with races to train for!
  • Training that will only help me for my FULL MARATHON in MAY
  • I could afford these trips due to my race calendar being full of races I had to defer this year from pregnancy (like racing for free)
  • 4 medals in 3 days! (Disney Medals are by far the prettiest)
  • 3 of the most fun/entertaining races in the world!
  • Finally my friend who lives in California is doing both races with me (not the 10k) but it will be fun to complete them with her! We might not be placed in the same corral but we can meet up after :).

In case anyone is wondering about the baby I have already spoke to one Grandma to be about watching him for one weekend and I am pretty sure the other Grandmother to be will be happy to watch him as well!

Overall I am excited to get back to running and go back to Disney. I would like to at least do the Princess every year and take Camden with us when he is older!


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