A Belated Anniversary Post!

14 Jun

Last Monday June 3rd we had dinner to celebrate my parents 30th wedding anniversary! Their actual anniversary is June 4th. They thought they were just going to dinner with a couple friends but thanks to one of their friends calling me to coordinate it was a bunch of friends and family!


Not shown, Me, Dan and my Uncle Bob. My mom is the one with her head turned away from the camera and my dad is in the blue shirt. Clearly loving something my brother is saying to him….

We went to Market Grill and while I really enjoy that restaurant Dan does not.

I did the three course meal they had there so we started with a salad….


Dan got the same salad it was a wedge/ an entire head of lettuce! The problem was Dan had something hard in his and thinking it was bacon he bit into it and broke a tooth!!!!

The rest of the night he was pretty cranky!

Then Dinner and Dessert.

IMG_3893 IMG_3894

Jerk Chicken with dirty rice and veggies (which I thought was okay, pretty bland) and some Mississippi Mud Pie for dessert….probably the best thing I had all night!

Anyway back to the Anniversary! My parents were married when my Mom was 20 and my Dad was 25! I was 26 when Dan and I got married and I cannot imagine being married at 20! But I guess its true what they say when you know you just know. The night was very fun and I hope my parents had an amazing Anniversary dinner and Day the next day! I hope Dan and I can make it to 30 years!!

To end the post here is a picture of my Mom from her wedding day!

momShe is pretty cute and very happy!!! Some people think we look alike!


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