Aloha from Hawaii!!!

17 Jun


The sign from Honolulu airport! We are so excited to be in Hawaii! It is day 2 for us (our first full day here). Well it almost is its 4:30am and I am wide awake silt time change!!!! Dan is somehow sleeping still poor tired boy!

Anyway lets recap yesterday! We got up at 5:30am EST and headed to the airport. We flew first class both flights because how could I not upgrade when half the fee was paid for by scentsy, and my husband is a tall man and I am 31 weeks pregnant! Flying in style was the only way to fly.
The flight to Hawaii was around 9 hrs and we watched two movies, the new wizard of Oz (is it bad I rooted for the bad witches all movie?) and beautiful creatures which was okay.
I am positive though that the flights goal was to pump you full of food so you would slip into a food coma!

Our snack on the plane for the first movie! Then our lunches Dan had a short rib and I had pasta!




Both came with a salad. For dessert they made you ice cream sundaes!!

After the long flight and subsequent sleeping for hours after all that food, (they served cheeseburgers before we landed which Dan ate but I just couldn’t fit anymore food in there) we made it to Hawaii!

I think we are looking pretty good for such a long flight! We boarded the bus with some other scentsy incentive trip winners and headed to the hotel. After going up 25 floors in the hotel we were treated to this view!


We took it pretty easy last night. We just walked around the hotel and then went to the welcome reception. Where we had some great food (fried artichokes and virgin Mai Thais! Yummy!!)



The last two pictures are of the ocean from the hotel and the coastline and mountain. The mountains here are beautiful!
Like I said in the beginning of the post it’s now almost 5 am here and breakfast is at 8am. It is the welcome breakfast and I guess they are announcing something new from scentsy so it is even more exciting! Then the day is ours to do as we please I foresee a pool or beach day!


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