Hawaii day 2!

19 Jun

So day 2 was a nice relaxing day for us. I woke up at around 4:30 am (that’s 10:30am at home) and got ready for our welcome breakfast. I figured why not look presentable.


Here is me before breakfast I even curled my hair! Dan was still asleep so I was pretty happy our balcony door was mirrored that way there is a nice shot of me and the scenery!

When Dan got up and ready we were still a bit early for the breakfast and decided to walk the beach where we saw that awesome rainbow! That picture is from my Instagram so there’s a filter on it.

At the breakfast everyone who was on their first incentive trip received a pillow case that says Pick.Pack.Play. That is the name of the trip since you chose your location from 6 destinations. Hawaii was the most popular of course and I feel so lucky to have earned it! There are 900 people here from scentsy!

After breakfast we changed and headed to the beach, we both wanted a low key and relaxed day as Tuesday and Wednesday we have tours. This is the side beach of our hotel. The hotel was built right on the ocean so they have this small beach and one other beach they share with another hotel so it is packed. I also really loved that tree.


The scenery here is pretty gorgeous those hibiscus were all over while we ate lunch. Lunch was the best Asian chicken salad I have ever had, Dan had the same and we both agreed how amazing they were. We got them from the hotel cafe which makes salads, sandwiches, gelatos and shaved ice.


After lunch it was time for the pool. Palm trees for a bit of shade, while still managing to get some sun. The second picture is of my baby bump and how impressed I was that at 31 weeks I can still see my feet when I lie on my back!

For dinner we went to RumFire a restaurant in the hotel. They had a live band and we ate great food. We split those chips and I had macaroni and cheese. It had ham and hot peppers in it, I took a lot of it back to the room it was delicious but filling! Dan had a truffle burger and loved it. For drinks he had a Mai Thai and I had a Virgin lava flow, it was unbelievable how good the piña colada mix was so fresh and yummy!

After dinner we headed back to the room where we received our first nights room drop gifts, scentsy is pretty generous like that. We got towels sunscreen and lip balm. The later two are scentsy products you can buy and I love the sunscreen. It was what I had brought on the trip anyway and works and smells great! The picture after is the view from our balcony that doesn’t face the ocean. This island is pretty amazing, where the hotel is located it is a major city that happens to have a gorgeous beach. As you will see in tomorrow’s day three post the other side of the island is much different! Hope everyone back home is having a great week!




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